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The StarLeaf Cloud Platform

Reliability at its core

The StarLeaf Cloud is built from the ground up with only StarLeaf owned and operated technology, it doesn’t rely on any third-party systems, making it incredibly reliable and secure. It is also fully redundant and duplicated at each of our Points of Presence (PoPs). Therefore, in the exceptional case of failure at any one of our data centers, we will automatically redirect connections to an alternative PoP.

Total security

Security is of paramount importance to StarLeaf, and we take it very seriously, which is why we own and manage our own cloud-based network. StarLeaf Cloud uses secure and certificate-based authentication to ensure privacy for all your communications, storing all data in your local jurisdiction.

Our firewall traversal solution has been designed to use a single TCP port and at most one UDP port. This means you don’t need to open up a range of ports through your firewall which can weaken your network’s defenses. StarLeaf also runs regular security audits and even offers a bug bounty program to ensure that we prevent any vulnerabilities.

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Global connectivity & quality of service

StarLeaf has many Points of Presence, strategically located all around the world to ensure unparalleled connectivity and efficient call routing with low latency. We use advanced techniques to deliver the highest possible quality of service whatever the network, such as the use of resilient codecs, forward error correction, direct media paths and dynamic bandwidth management. These techniques deliver exceptional quality, not only over enterprise-class, MPLS wide area networks, but also over less reliable networks such as the Internet.


global connectivity

Quick to deploy, easy to manage

At the heart of the StarLeaf Cloud is a management portal that gives you complete control over your StarLeaf video conferencing deployment. From this dashboard you have the ability to provision and manage room systems and users, including all adds, moves and changes. Ongoing management is also made easy, with the ability to remotely update settings for your full deployment of meeting rooms, anywhere in the world.

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Open Platform

StarLeaf is built to be flexible, and to fit seamlessly into your existing ways of working. That’s why we offer a range of APIs that allow you to integrate the functionality of StarLeaf into your organization’s workflows and business tools.

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Unparalleled Interoperability

StarLeaf’s Cloud is what makes it unique. It’s built with interoperability at its core, ensuring that there are never any barriers to communication and that you never need to worry about who you are able to communicate with. With StarLeaf you can register and manage not only StarLeaf endpoints but also any existing standards-based endpoints.

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Skype for Business solutions

StarLeaf also offers solutions to help you get even more out of your existing investment in Skype for Business, with greater functionality and interoperability. Extend Skype for Business into meeting rooms, conference suites and huddle spaces with the GTm range of endpoints, and gain the ability for clients and partners on any standards-based video device to join your Skype for Business meetings with StarLeaf’s meeting connection services.


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