19 Fun Party Games for Teens You'll Love

Planning a party for your teenager and their friends? Perfect. We've got you covered! With teenagers, it's all about fun, so as well as playing some great tunes to get everyone dancing, why not throw in some hilarious party games, too?

In this article, we've rounded up the best party games for teens that will make sure your next party is totally memorable. From icebreakers that'll have everyone LOLing to team competitions where they can show off their skills, there's something here for all personalities.

So get ready to bring out the laughs and friendly competition - these games are set to be winners at your teen's next gathering!

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Short Summary

1. Ping Pong Balls

If you're searching for a fun teen party game that's both thrilling and competitive, then look no further than the Ping Pong Balls. This is great if you have a large group of partygoers who are up for showing off their reflexes or aim.

To play this game well, you must have two groups of cups – each containing six cups – placed in a triangle on either end of the table or surface. You will also need to split your players into two teams, each standing behind their set of cups.

Every cup should contain water and should be topped with a ping pong ball that is floating on top.

The idea is that players take turns throwing ping pong balls across the table, attempting to land them inside an opposing team's cup. If they manage it, then that cup leaves the game forever. The first team to do away with all its opponent's cups wins!

But there's more! Suppose both teams sink balls into cups at the same time. In that case, they must complete an extra challenge or penalty before continuing gameplay, making things even more exciting and tense as everyone tries to outdo each other.

2. Scavenger Hunt

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Are you on the hunt for a team activity that will get your teens exploring, problem-solving, and working together? Then you have to try a classic Scavenger Hunt! It's the perfect classic party game for large groups and will make your party an action-packed adventure.

First things first: split your guests into teams of four or five. Each team gets a set amount of time on the clock to find things or complete challenges from a list. This could be indoors or outdoors – whatever suits your venue and preferences.

The "hunt" part of a scavenger hunt can involve many tasks: finding specific objects, solving riddles or puzzles to uncover hidden clues, taking creative photos in certain locations, performing dares – anything goes!

The winner is either the team that completes most tasks within the time limit – or, if you prefer a more inclusive approach, the one with the most points at game over.

As well as getting teens strategizing and searching together (making it great for teamwork and cooperation), this kind of challenge will also spark their creativity and problem-solving skills. Plus, there's nothing like racing against the clock to up suspense levels at any event!

3. Sleeping Beauty Game

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Want to add a fun and exciting twist to your teenager's party? Look no further than The Sleeping Beauty Game! It's a hilarious take on "Hot Potato' that will have everyone in stitches.

Begin by asking your teens to form a circle. Only one person is selected as Sleeping Beauty, who lies in the middle of the circle, feigning sleep. You'll also need something soft (like a stuffed toy or cushion) for the magic wand.

The remaining teens pass the wand around the circle clockwise, singing a catchy tune while they do so.

When the music stops, whoever has hold of the wand at that moment must wake up Sleeping Beauty using their magical powers – gently tickling or tapping her without rousing her fully.

What makes it particularly exciting is that if Sleeping Beauty does open her eyes during an attempt, she can set one of three challenges for them – e.g., doing a funny dance or impersonating their favorite celeb.

The game ends when Sleeping Beauty wakes up entirely. Whoever was last successful at waking her up gets bragging rights as Prince or Princess Charming!

4. Wink Murder

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This fun slumber party game, perfect for groups of 10 or more teens, is tense and exciting. The players sit in a circle. One person is secretly chosen to be the "detective." Another becomes the "murderer." The remaining players are innocent bystanders.

With the lights dimmed to create atmosphere, everybody's mission begins: the murderer must try not to get caught as they discreetly wink at different individuals – while everyone else tries their best not to scream and point whenever it happens.

If somebody receives a wink, they must 'die' dramatically on the spot by throwing themselves backward in their chair.

The detective must watch all interactions carefully and try to determine who might be doing all this winking. If they guess correctly, both roles swap hands for another round and play resumes.

5. Balloon Blow

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Try the Balloon Blow game if you're looking for one of the fun teen party games that will keep everyone laughing. It's easy to set up and play - but it's bound to make your guests giggle.

Here's what you'll need: several bags of balloons and a large area where people can move around easily.

Divide your partygoers into pairs or teams of two. One person in each pair should be in charge of blowing up the balloons; their teammate should handle tying them off once they're filled with air.

Once all your supplies are ready, signal each team to start – then see how many balloons they can blow up by using only their mouths (no hands allowed). You might give them three minutes or so until time is called.

Teams may have strategies for blowing up multiple balloons quickly or take turns being in charge of inflation, while others simply inflate steadily by taking one big breath after another. When time runs out, count who has blown up and tied off the most for the win.

6. Junk in the Trunk

Another one among popular and fun teenage party games is called Junk in the Trunk. It'll have everyone laughing and shaking their hips, that's for sure.

You'll need an empty tissue box for each person who wants to participate in the play. Attach a belt or ribbon to each box, so people can fasten it around their waist with the tissue box on their backside.

Before starting your one-minute timer (you might want someone else to be responsible for this), fill each tissue box with small, lightweight objects such as ping pong balls, cotton balls, or even rolled-up socks.

When you're ready, set the one-minute timer going and let them shake away! In short, players will need to shake and wiggle until they've got everything out of their tissue box-without using their hands.

Seeing some participants shimmying and shaking, releasing said items, is hilarious – things are likely to fly everywhere! Whoever has emptied all of theirs in the quickest time wins this silly but very funny competition!

7. Right, Left, Ear

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Are you ready to take on a challenge and compete with your friends? Then this is a great game for you. Ideal for a group of teenagers, it works best with around 10 to 15 players.

To play this classic game, gather everyone in a circle. One player stands in the middle – they're the conductor and hold an object, such as a small toy or stuffed animal.

The conductor points to one person in the circle and says, "Right!" Everyone must quickly pass their object one place to the right. If any player passes it left instead, they're out of that round.

For "Left!" objects move left; anyone who goes right instead is disqualified. And when people hear "Ear!", they must pass their object from hand-to-hand behind them until it reaches ear height (with both hands).

If someone's caught off guard by misinformation – say, the conductor calls "left" but moves their arm right – they're also eliminated from that particular round.

Play continues like this until just one player remains: now they're in charge and become a conductor themselves.

8. Two Truths And a Lie

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If you want an icebreaker game that stands the test of time, look no further than Two Truths and a Lie - a classic party favorite for teenagers.

To play, sit everybody in a circle and give each person the chance to share three things about themselves. Two must be true; one should be false – but make it as plausible as possible.

When somebody has shared their truths and lies, ask other players to pick which statement they think is false – by asking questions or going with their gut instinct – before moving on to the next person's trio.

Expect plenty of lively chat as people devise convincing tales and try to work out who's telling lies. It's the best among birthday party games, perfect for getting teenagers to chat.

9. Card Slide Challenge

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Searching for party games for teenagers that will put their skill and concentration to the test? Look no further than the Card Slide Challenge! Something of spectacle, this versatile game can be enjoyed at smaller and larger gatherings, as it caters to any number of people.

You will need a deck of cards and a smooth table or other flat surface to start playing. First, choose one person to act as the dealer.

The dealer then takes a card from the deck and places it on the edge of the table so that part is hanging off, overlapping with some space around it.

Now for the challenge: players must slide their cards – just one at a time – from their end of the table so they land directly on top of this overhanging card without dropping onto or bouncing off any others already there.

Easy, isn't it? Well, not quite! As more cards are added to what becomes an ever-sharper edge, getting each new offering to fall just right becomes increasingly tough.

Players take turns sliding until someone's card falls off (or fails to make perfect landfall entirely) – which means they're out for now. The game continues until only one player remains standing – or rather sitting – who secures victory as Card Slide Champion!

With simple rules but increasing difficulty levels, everyone quickly gets drawn into this exciting contest.

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If you're looking for a group game that's both sidesplitting and mouth-watering, the Cookie Face Challenge should hit the spot – or the forehead, to be precise.

All your teens will need are biscuits. Get them into a circle with enough space to move around and ask each person to place a biscuit on their forehead just above their eyebrows. No hand use is allowed from now on.

The aim? To get the biscuit from their forehead into their mouth – only using facial muscles – without falling off or resorting to hands.

The first person who manages it first wins. Expect howls of laughter as they grimace, twitch, and wiggle in an attempt to eat something sweet without using any cutlery.

To make life more interesting (or harder), you could introduce time limits, obstacles, or different types of biscuits for some variety.

11. Sock Wrestling

For the perfect small gathering or sleepover, you can't beat this game. Gather together a few pairs of colorful socks and divide everyone into pairs. Each person in a pair will wear one sock on their right foot.

The mission? To be the first player to get their opponent's sock off – without using your hands! With participants ready, start the clock ticking and let the grappling commence!

Using any part of their body but their hands, players must try to tug off each other's sock. It's all about balance, strategy – and lots of laughs – as people twist, turn and crawl across indoor surfaces.

The game continues until someone successfully removes their opponent's sock. Go further by organizing a mini-tournament, with winners reaching subsequent rounds.

12. Kiddie Pool Kickball

Kiddie Pool Kickball is a new twist on an old favorite that will bring laughter and refreshment!

Gather your enthusiastic group of teens and create two teams. Set up traditional kickball bases in an open area, but here's where the fun begins: replace the regular bases with kiddie pools filled with water! How cool is that?

The rules are similar to kickball, but instead of running from base to base, players must make their way through the pools – splashing and dodging water along with it. The pitcher rolls a big beach ball toward the kicker, who tries to give it all they've got while also avoiding getting soaked.

Fielders try to catch or retrieve the beach ball while working through slippery, watery obstacles. Drop it or let it fall into one of those kiddie pools? You're gonna get wet!

The team that scores more runs by completing rounds without taking a bath wins.

13. Nail Polish Spin

Girls' night in or a teen slumber party? Make it even better with the Nail Polish Spin game! It's colorful fun you can enjoy at any get-together.

To play, you'll need some friends and a spinning board. You can have as few as four players, but more is better. Put the nail polishes in the center of the board.

Each player takes a turn to spin the board. When it stops on one color of polish, that person has to paint one of their nails with it – but there's a twist: they don't have long!

Can you create beautiful patterns quickly under pressure? Every spin becomes an urgent race against time. Who will do the most stylish job? Get set for an evening of creativity - and competition!

14. Water Balloons Game

Looking for a game that will keep your teens cool and cheerful? This one's perfect. What you'll need? Water balloons. Lots of them. How to play: Divide into teams, with at least four players per team (though the more, the merrier).

The object of the game is simple: throw water balloons at your opponents to eliminate them from the field. Make sure each team has an equal number of balloons for fairness.

Players can either try to hit their opponents directly or aim for their feet to pop the balloon — and here's where it gets tricky. They must stay within designated boundaries while dodging other people's bombs. ("You're out!")

It's part strategy, part agility, part teamwork — and all about getting wet before you do!

15. Cheeseball Face

Looking to guarantee laughs at your teen's party? Cheeseball Face is the comedy gold you need. Perfect for bigger groups, it promises messy fun and giggles galore.

To play, grab as many cheeseballs as you can lay your hands on. Find willing victim volunteers to join in and sit them in a circle. Give each person a paper plate filled with cheesy ammo – the more balls, the merrier.

The aim of the game? To get as many cheeseballs stuck to their face as possible within an allotted time limit (60 seconds is usually about right). Simple!

For added mayhem, throw in some extra challenges, such as blindfolding players or making them perform funny dance moves while they try to stick on those balls.

When time runs out, count up how many cheeseballs are clinging to each player's face – that'll determine who wins!

16. Who Am I?

This uproarious pastime is a match made in heaven for a large gathering of players, and will examine their deductive talents to the max.

To start, every player scribbles the title of a renowned personality or character on an index card without revealing it to anyone else. They then gingerly tape it onto another person's forehead, ensuring they don't get a sneaky peek at who they are!

Once everyone has their secret identity affixed to their forehead, the real fun starts. Players take turns asking yes-or-no questions about who they might be. Questions like "Am I male?" or "Am I from a film?" can help narrow possibilities.

The tricky part is that players may only answer with "yes" or "no," so lateral thinking and savvy questioning are vital! As the clock ticks down, players fray as everyone races against one another to be first to work out who they really are.

17. Fortune Teller Game

This timeless game can provide fun for everyone and may even shed light on the future (or simply lift your spirits). To play, nominate someone as the fortune teller – they'll need a deck of playing cards.

Before you begin, assign each card a meaning. For instance, hearts could stand for love, diamonds could represent wealth, clubs might mean adventure, and spades could indicate challenges.

Each player takes it, in turn, to draw a card from the deck, and the fortune teller predicts their fate based on the meanings that have been assigned. This could be anything – perhaps finding true love or embarking on an exciting adventure through facing unexpected hurdles.

For added interest, encourage players to share their predictions and debate what might lie ahead.

18. Never Have I Ever

A favorite party game among teens, Never Have I Ever is perfect for breaking the ice or getting to know each other better at a get-together. The great thing about this classic is that no special equipment is needed, just willing players.

Here's how to play: First, gather everyone in a circle and nominate someone to go first. This person starts by saying, "Never have I ever... " followed by something they've never done before – for instance, "Never have I ever gone skydiving."

Anyone who has done that thing must either take a drink if you're playing with a drink, or put down one finger (if you're playing sans alcohol). The idea is to reveal interesting experiences or secrets about yourself while discovering what you have in common with others.

With every statement made, the opportunity arises for players to share exciting stories and laugh together at their friends' unexpected revelations. As the game progresses, it becomes increasingly revelatory and amusing.

19. Twister

If your teen party needs a classic game that guarantees laughter and limbs in knots, Twister is a perfect choice. With its bright mat and wacky positions, it's more than capable of consuming an entire evening.

Twister can be played by many people at once, making it ideal for large parties. The mat gets laid out on the floor and has circles of different colors in various combinations - this many reds and greens, blues and yellows.

Players take turns spinning a wheel, which tells them which body part put on a specific color. As the turns go on, they end up in positions so hilarious that they can't help but fall over.

Flexibility, coordination, and lots of laughs – all present and correct here! Having to turn yourself into all sorts means everyone will be rolling around – literally!


These fun party games for teenagers are ideal for birthday parties and will also add an extra element of fun to any gathering where young adults are present.

Whether it's a family reunion, youth group get-together, or informal hangout with friends, these activities will bring laughter and help make the evening memorable.

So don't just read through the suggestions below – get your groovy gang together and choose some great games to guarantee your party is a hit. Let these engaging, entertaining ideas begin with the good-natured competition (and belly laughs)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Fun Games Are Usually Played at Birthday Parties?

Sleeping Beauty Game, Twister, Truth or Dare, Scavenger Hunt, and Ping Pong Balls are all examples of fun games commonly played at birthday parties.

How Do You Play Wacky Duck?

Wacky Duck is a game where players sit in a circle, passing around a rubber duck while saying "Wacky Duck." When the leader says "Quack," the person holding the duck has to do something wacky before they pass it along.

Popular party games include Junk in the Trunk, Balloon Blow, and Who Am I? All three games can provide lots of excitement and laughter for everyone involved.

What Is the Right, Left, Eat Fun Game?

The Right Left Eat game involves passing wrapped gifts while listening to a story that contains words like right or left. Whenever those words come up in the story, everyone passes their gift accordingly until they open them at the end of the story.