5 Innovative Exhibition Stand Ideas

Exhibition stands are essential at trade shows and events if you want your business to attract potential customers. They help you showcase your brand and network with professionals.

people inside art gallery
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Usually, different kinds of stands vie for attention at tradeshows and exhibitions. Therefore, you need innovative stands if your brand will stand out from the rest. We have highlighted some innovative exhibition stand ideas that you can try.

1. Try Green Spaces

Among the hustle and bustle of a trade show, you can attract potential customers to your stand by providing a peaceful oasis of green spaces. It doesn’t have to be something too elaborate. With some plants and other natural elements, you can make your booth a calm and inviting space for visitors. This idea works wonders when your brand has some environmental or sustainability elements.

2. Add Fun With Social Media Walls And Photo Booths

Almost everyone has a camera in their pocket but it is not always easy to find the perfect place to take pictures, especially in the crowded environment of a tradeshow or exhibition. Setting up a photo booth and social media walls will allow you to engage with visitors as you provide a place for them to take photos. You can even make a competition of it. While you get easy user-generated content for your brand, you also get easy buzz for your business online.

3. Infuse Gamification

Gamification involves infusing certain game elements into your booth. It can attract people to your stand, help you collect visitors' information, and prompt them to engage with your brand. Visitors will also spend more time at your booth as they play the games. You should ensure that the games played tie in with your brand message and you are granted to get the best results from this innovative stand idea.

4. Embrace VR/AR Innovation

Virtual and augmented reality can give your exhibition stand a different look from the traditional. With VR, you can make your visitors feel more connected to the brand by engaging their five senses. Whether it is a simple 360 video or a full VR tech demo with the works, visitors will get to understand your products better. With AR, you can take your visitors beyond the real world with a mobile headset or device. This device can allow attendees to discover your product features and interact with product like in real life. Whether you use VR or AR, bringing something extra to your stand is sure to attract attendees and lead to more sales.

5. Experiment With Lighting

The right lighting can help you set the right mood for your brand. With the often harsh lighting of most exhibition halls, your stand will stand out and promote visitors to pop by. You can try different kinds of lighting. The basic rule is to ensure that your brand stand lighting is distinct from the general lighting. You can use colorful LED lighting or dark lightings depending on what the occasion demands.

Standing out from the crowd and drawing visitors to your booth at exhibitions is not as hard as you think. With these innovative ideas and Nstands helping you bring them to life, your exhibition stand will be the talk of events!