Engineering Intern

Type: Internship

We are currently looking for Interns to join our outstanding and successful software engineering and test teams based in Cambridge or Watford.

At StarLeaf, you will be actively encouraged to explore and innovate. We want you to have fun, be challenged, and to build on the skills you have learnt at school or in higher education, within the framework of a rapidly-growing company whose engineers are focussed on delivering products of the highest quality.

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Software Engineers

As an intern in one of our software engineering groups, you will be assigned an experienced software engineer as your mentor and be given a desk within the group. We will identify a project suited to your level of experience that will deliver a feature or a tool that is directly applicable to our business. We will aim to make your experience as an intern as close as possible to that of a full-time member of our team, so that you gain a valuable understanding of how a software engineering team functions in a commercial environment whilst, at the same time, we have an insight as to your potential as possible future full-time StarLeaf employee.

Our software teams design and implement complex systems across a wide range of technologies and programming languages including C, C#, C++, Java, Python, SQL, and Javascript. We make extensive use of continuous integration and deployment methodologies based on tools such as Salt, Jenkins, pytest, Catch, and homegrown automated system test frameworks, with an emphasis on high quality, well-tested code and a quick turnaround time for adding new features to our products. We believe that this is an ideal environment for you to take your first steps in commercial software engineering.

Test Engineers

Test is a key component of our ability to enhance and upgrade our customer experience, whilst at the same time retaining the reliability, interoperability, and scalability of our video calling and conferencing services. As an intern in one of our test teams, you will gain an understanding of how commercial organizations balance the pressure to achieve the fastest possible time to market against the need to ensure the highest possible quality.

Typical tasks and projects would include:

  • Performing a set of tests according to a plan, investigating failures, and following up with the development team as well as highlighting gaps in test coverage
  • Understanding our system architecture, as well as the protocols and technologies that drive it (H.264, H.323, SIP, TCP/IP, WebRTC, Skype-for-business and many many others)
  • Using this understanding to enhance our test plans to cover new features
  • Installing and configuring the servers and systems used to reproduce real world test scenarios
  • Writing automated test scripts in Python to drive our extensive homegrown automated test system, which replicates our infrastructure and a wide range of the clients that typically connect to it

Minimum Requirements

  • You have started or are about to start studying for a degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Natural Sciences or a related discipline
  • Ideally you will have a working knowledge of C, C#, C++ or Python
  • Passion for technology, perhaps a hobby interest
  • If you have published any of your personal or academic projects on GitHub or elsewhere, then we’d love to know about them and discuss your work in an interview
  • If we decide to interview you, we will discuss your current level of experience, together with your aspirations and interests, to determine which of our engineering teams would suit you best

We aim to be flexible and will consider candidates for:

  • Summer placements lasting for up to 3 months
  • Industrial placements as part of a university degree course (typically 3-6 months)
  • Gap year placements (The Year in Industry)


  • Salary
  • Friendly, motivated group and stimulating environment