Name: Finn Gagliano
Office location: Shelford

In this Employee Spotlight, Finn tells us what it has been like to do his Year in Industry placement at StarLeaf.

Why did you choose StarLeaf to complete your Year in Industry?

After coming for interview at StarLeaf and meeting many of the engineers, I could really see myself learning a lot from all of the extraordinarily intelligent people that work for the company. The company ethos is brilliant; so much support is given to every employee and this was evident straight away when visiting the office.

What exciting projects have you worked on at StarLeaf so far?

My role is split between manual and automated testing. I’ve been involved in the automated test scripting, working closely with the dev team to make sure that the autotest infrustracture efficiently tests the features of the app. This has specifically helped my programming skills and overall quality as an engineer.

My projects in manual tests have been equally helpful for me also, with one of my main projects so far being audio latency testing. I ran a script that measured the StarLeaf app’s audio latency and graphed my results. The developers then used these to analyse what improvements needed to be made to improve the quality of StarLeaf audio.

What are your most memorable and enjoyable experiences of working at StarLeaf so far?

The company makes a real effort with social outings, and the events they organise are always enjoyed by everyone in the company.

What does a day in the life of a YINI look like?

I usually come in and grab a coffee, go to my desk and do some manual testing for a few hours. On Wednesdays we get taken for lunch (which the company pays for!) and then do scripting or personal projects in the afternoon. The hours are flexible so I can come in at 10am if I want, or leave at 4pm so long as I get the work done!

What skills have you developed so far during your Year in Industry with StarLeaf?

I have developed a much greater fluency with the Linux terminal, and my Python programming skills have also improved tremendously. The main thing I’ve taken from this internship though is being able to put the things I’ve learned at A-Level Computer Science into practice. Networking was always something I struggled with, and now it’s something that I will feel so much more confident with at university.

Would you recommend StarLeaf for students wishing to complete a Year in Industry before university?

Definitely! You’ll be so well equipped for your university course if you complete a Year in Industry as there are so many essential things that the YINI scheme have taught me – and not just technically. Moving out and getting a job, handling your own finances, even learning to cook, are all incredibly useful things that the YINI scheme has taught me.

What aspects of your role are you passionate about?

Working amongst graduates and seasoned engineers all in one team allows for osmosis of information to pass so freely. The working environment in general is the thing that I enjoy the most, cooperating with my colleagues and learning from them is priceless.

Which university will you be going to and which course will you be studying? 

My firm choice is MSc Computer Science and Maths at Durham University, with my insurance being MEng Mathematics and Computer Science at Imperial College London,


Thanks Finn!


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