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Name: Jenna Read
Office location: Croxley

In this Employee Spotlight, Jenna tells us what it is like to run events and social media for a tech company such as StarLeaf.

First of all, why StarLeaf? 

I had previously worked on large tech gender diversity events and helped grow this to be recognised as a world leading platform in the sector. I therefore wanted to find a role where I could continue working as an event manager but also focus of social media and growing a brand within the tech sector. StarLeaf offered me the perfect role and also was flexible in terms on my commute and hours in the office.

What exciting projects have you worked on at StarLeaf so far?

We have a lot of big events in the near future which I will be managing. Namely the expos and also internal and partner events. These consolidate both the event management side of my role and being able to document live on social media. 

What are your most memorable and enjoyable experiences of working at StarLeaf so far?

The partner conference in my second week of working at StarLeaf was a great experience. It enabled me to meet a lot of the team outside of the office as well as our corporate partners. I am looking forward to building on this event for 2020.

What does a day in the life of corporate events and social media manager at StarLeaf look like?

We have a collaborative culture at StarLeaf, so all teams share topical news and updates and then I build social content around this. I also work with other teams on internal projects and then liaise with outside vendors regularly to ensure our events will come in on budget and time. 

What aspects of your role are you passionate about and why?

StarLeaf has never had a corporate event manager before so I want to show how my experience can help evolve and take the events to the next level whilst growing brand awareness. 

What advice would you give to any aspiring events and social media manager at StarLeaf?

We work as a team, so collaboration and discussion is a key part of the culture of the marketing team. We work creatively to help position our brand and improve its visibility. Being able to speak about your experience in line with this is key. 


Thanks Jenna!