Employee Spotlight Laurence

Name: Laurence Boyce
Office location: Croxley

In this Employee Spotlight, Laurence tells us what it is like to be a Sales Engineer at StarLeaf.

First of all, why StarLeaf? 

I did a physics degree which opened the opportunity to many different working pathways - the transferable skills required in a physics degree are often of interest to employers as opposed to the actual physics knowledge itself. 

As a result, when I graduated in the summer of 2017, I had a couple of different job options (one in AI and robotics and another was in a formula 1 team) in various fields but had no real idea of what I wanted to do. 

I chose StarLeaf over the other offers I had because every day provides a different challenge, new experiences and not being tied to one location. I didn’t want to work the standard office 9-5. I was contacted by Dan Bardsley and the recruitment process was swift. The main reason I turned down the other jobs was because they took so long in getting back to me which made me feel quite unwanted whereas StarLeaf made the recruitment process more personal and quick. 

What exciting projects have you worked on at StarLeaf so far?

I have been able to work with organisations ranging from small start ups to global enterprises on addressing the challenges they face associated with size of company/company profiles. 

What are your most memorable and enjoyable experiences of working at StarLeaf so far?

I really value the fact that every day proposes something different. I’m very fortunate that I have been involved in various trips and projects but what I enjoy most is that no day is ever the same!

Have you received the right support/mentorship/training within your role/from peers? 

When I joined StarLeaf my technical knowledge of the whole sector was limited. As a result, I have had numerous training opportunities and support processes made available to me that have greatly benefited my progression to understand the required knowledge for the role.

What aspects of your role are you passionate about and why?

I enjoy solving the challenges faced by customers and being able to implement a solution that meets all of their challenges, both current and challenges they may face in the future. That’s where StarLeaf provides the value - we are the recommenders. I love the variety of customers I work with, the range of timescales and complexities, and that everything changes from customer to customer.

What advice would you give to any aspiring Sales Engineers? 

• Don't worry about previous experience.

• The information is available and open to you.

• There are plenty of opportunities to learn and develop with clear progression if you want to go and get it. If you don’t want to push yourself, then don’t apply. Apply if you want to challenge yourself. 


Thanks Laurence!