Sebastien Paine                

Job title: Software Intern

Office location: Shelford

What was the main reason you considered StarLeaf for an internship?

Cambridge location: I attend the University of Cambridge, and I wanted to work somewhere I was familiar with. I also visited the StarLeaf booth at a careers event hosted by the University, and StarLeaf was one of the few companies to follow up before exam term.

What are three main benefits of working for StarLeaf?

Fantastic atmosphere and people: everyone is very friendly and motivated and interested in what they do. 

Good location: proper cycle paths along the whole way from central Cambridge to the office, also right next to Shelford train station.

Interesting work, as well as the opportunity to learn many new skills, when I started I didn’t know any Python, but was given the time to learn it and now I’m building a website with Flask and a Python backend (which I wouldn’t have known how to do just 10 weeks ago!).

Would you refer a friend to work here? If so, why?

Yes because of the great people and atmosphere in the company, as well as all the interesting work on offer. Also, their hiring process is excellent: there is very little time between an interview and a job offer, which is a huge perk when job searching.

If you did have a friend interviewing with StarLeaf and could give them one piece of advice, what would it be? 

To not necessarily worry about knowing or remembering data structures and algorithms perfectly and instead focus on being able to properly reason your way through any interview questions, because they’re looking for people who are intelligent rather than people who can memorise things.