Sports Day Starleaf Team 15


Tayma Ferriera               

Office location: Croxley

Job title: Test Engineer

Why did you choose StarLeaf to complete your Year in Industry?

I was looking for a placement in the IT sector to gain work experience. A test engineer internship would allow me to see all aspects of software development. I thought of this as an opportunity to ensure that what I would be studying at university is what I actually want to do in the future.

Is there anything that surprised you while working with us?

I was surprised at how good the work environment is and how easy it was to get settled in.

What are the three main benefits of completing a year in industry with StarLeaf?

1. Gaining work experience

2. Being exposed to the entire infrastructure (test engineer specific)

3. Regular social events allow you to meet different employees from around the globe

Would you refer a friend to work here? If so, why?

I would. StarLeaf has an incredibly friendly work environment which made it a joy to go to work.

If you had a friend interviewing with StarLeaf, what advice would you give them?

Be yourself, be open and be honest about what you are looking for position-wise since this is what they would use to place you in different parts of the department.