James Colom

Job Title: Lead Sales Engineer, EMEA

After graduating from The University of Birmingham in Physics with a degree in Particle Physics and Cosmology, I took a role as a Management Consultant at a large aerospace company, but soon discovered it was not for me: It turned out the job was not really what I'd hoped for, I found myself with very little chance to develop, which was important for me as I was starting out on my career path. So, I did what anyone stuck in a joyless job dreams of: I took the plunge and left.  

I started life at StarLeaf in June 2013 as a Technical Support and DevOps Engineer, before moving to the Sales Team as Sales Engineer, UK in January 2015. After one year covering the UK market, I was promoted to cover all EMEA, assisting closely with StarLeaf’s rapid expansion into new markets and territories across the region.

As a Sales Engineer, I work with all technical contacts within StarLeaf’s Enterprise accounts, from the video conferencing team to the network, security and IT teams. My primary tasks are to provide product demos and ensure all technical questions are addressed during the pre-sales process, oversee smooth transition and adoption phases, and maintain technical relationships in the post-sales phase.

In July 2019, I was asked to lead the Sales Engineering team in EMEA. It was nice that StarLeaf were willing to take a chance on someone without prior experience of leading a team. In this new role, I work to ensure consistent standards across the team, and make sure the region is correctly resourced with regard to technical sales. 

One of the things I like the most about working here is that every day is genuinely different. Some days can be very busy, and I enjoy the problem-solving aspect, which means it is never dull. Everyone here clearly really enjoys what we're doing at StarLeaf; it shows in the relaxed yet very productive working environment. Everything each of us does genuinely improves the way people communicate and do business. Not many companies, let alone employees, can make that claim. 

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