Andy Field  

Job title: UX Designer
Office location: UPH Office, Cambridge
Department: Teamline
Education: Graphic Design BA (Hons) at UAL (London College of Communication)
Interesting fact about you: This year I’m riding the TransAtlanticWay, a 2500km self-supported ride between Dublin and Cork

What was the recruitment experience like for you at Teamline?

Fairly painless - four interviews in a day from different members of the team followed up by some quick calls from HR.

What exciting projects have you worked on?

They’re all pretty exciting and varied. UI for the latest product - Pronto, design for the Teamline management portal Maestro and updates to our touchscreen UIs.

What are your most memorable experiences at Teamline?

Working within a small dedicated team that includes sales, marketing, management and engineering in one room. The huge amount of domain expertise at hand.

What does a day in the life of a UX Designer at Teamline look like?

It’s pretty varied - a typical day can involve everything from reviewing what the other UX designers are working on, planning user research, working on prototypes and designs for new functionality for Teamline’s core management product - Maestro.

What aspects of your role are you most passionate about?

The challenge - typically no one has a good thing to say about their video conferencing experiences. So the opportunity to make a difference, help make a great product better and improving the overall user experience.

What advice would you give to any future hires within your team at Teamline?

Although it may not seem like it, there are a lot of interesting challenges - creative and technical. Supported by a great team and working environment there’s freedom and scope to really make something great.