Lisa Durbin    

Job title: Technical Writer
Office location: Cambridge
Department: Teamline
Education: Concordia University, Montreal, Canada/BA in English Literature
Interesting fact about you: I can tap dance!

What was the recruitment experience like for you at Teamline? 

I had my first experience with the StarLeaf app for my interview. It makes such a difference to speak to someone face to face rather than over the phone, especially during an interview. There are so many subtleties that get lost over the telephone or in text, so being able to see the person I was talking to put me at ease and was much more enjoyable, The onboarding session in Croxley was a great opportunity to meet people, get to know colleagues from other countries, and socialize with everyone after the sessions. Three days seemed daunting at first (I can be a bit shy around new people), but everyone was very friendly and we were all in the same boat as new starters.

What exciting projects have you worked on at Teamline?

There’s never a dull moment in the Teamline office! The best part about working on this product is that it’s relatively new and constantly developing – there’s lots to talk about. I’ve been working with our UX Designer on a complete redesign of the Teamline Knowledge Center and I am very much looking forward to launching this soon. I have some other new documents lined up that have given me the opportunity to use my creative side, so I’m quite excited about releasing these as well.

What are your most enjoyable and memorable experiences at Teamline?

My first day was during an R&D day, which meant everyone was in the office to talk about their projects – including the company founders. I sat chatting in the kitchen to one workmate for a while, then I asked if he’d been with the company long. He smiled and said yes, since the beginning, and we carried on talking…only for me to later realize that he was the CEO! Having worked for many companies where people on that level never knew who I was (let alone would sit and chat), it amazed me that everyone was so down to earth and easy to talk to. To me, this really sums up the culture at Teamline.

What does a typical day at Teamline look like for you?

It starts with a cup of tea, which is essential! We have a very well-stocked kitchen in our office, and this is my first port of call every day. I tend to have a few projects on the go, so I spend time talking to everyone to get information for my writing: developers, testers, sales engineers, support, and my colleagues in Croxley. On Wednesdays we head out for a team lunch and being in central Cambridge, we have a lot to choose from. On Fridays we have FoodPark, a collection of amazing food trucks a short walk away by the train station. This may seem like we’re food obsessed (maybe we are!), but I think getting together outside of the office is not only fun, it gives us a chance to talk and get to know each other.

What aspects of your role are you passionate about?

Collaboration is vital for my role. The documentation I produce is the result of not only my knowledge but the knowledge of all the people I work with. We tend to use video calls rather than emails when we need to discuss anything, which makes it much easier when I need to gather information or ask questions. Learning is also something I’m passionate about. I’m new to the AV industry, so I’ve been finding out as much as possible from our AV experts at Teamline and in the industry. When I was doing research for a guide I was writing, I interviewed a Director of Photography in the film industry to learn about lighting and cameras, which was incredibly interesting.

What advice would you give to any future hires in your team at Teamline? 

You’ll learn a lot and you’ll never get bored! Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask for help; everyone is happy to support you. If you’re new to Cambridge or just enjoy getting out in the evenings, there are always social gatherings going on from bowling to escape rooms.

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