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Unstoppable video

Meet anyone, reach anyone in an instant.

Click-to-Call allows you to invite anyone, that’s a business associate, colleague, or customer, to join you in a conference or on a direct video call, straight from their browser. A Click-to-Call link is included in all StarLeaf scheduled conference and guest invitations. But don’t forget that your StarLeaf invitations also offer guests the option to download Breeze software, which is particularly important if you are in regular video contact.

As well as being an integral part of StarLeaf’s conferencing and calling capability, the Click-to-Call app can be integrated into your business workflows, processes and applications, including service and point of sale kiosks and your website, bringing you closer to your customers.

Click-to-Call is WebRTC based and supported natively by Chrome and Firefox browsers, or via a simple, downloadable plug-in for Internet Explorer or Safari users. Chrome and Firefox users can also download a plug-in to share screens in both directions.

A Click-to-Call link will connect to any endpoint on the StarLeaf OpenCloud, including Breeze, StarLeaf room or desktop systems, or any registered H.323 or SIP endpoint. A link can be included as part of an email signature, which when clicked will launch a browser ready call to you. Further integration can be achieved with Cloud APIs. These APIs allow businesses to further embed StarLeaf video conferencing and calling into applications, particularly where there is a need to securely schedule and manage StarLeaf Conferences.

For more information on Click-to-Call links and how to use them in your apps and workflows

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