Developer APIs



Click-to-Call is WebRTC based and supported natively by Chrome and Firefox browsers, or via a simple downloadable plug-in for Internet Explorer or Safari users. Links can be integrated into business workflows, processes and applications, including service and point of sales kiosks and websites, bringing you closer to your customers.

StarLeaf endpoint api

StarLeaf Meeting Room System API

This API gives you full programmatic control of your StarLeaf meeting room systems. It offers secure access with centrally managed password protection.  It’s simple and easy to use with sample code available.

StarLeaf cloud api

StarLeaf Cloud API

Use this API inside your business applications to securely schedule and manage StarLeaf conferences, and gain full control of all configurations including recording and layouts.  Simple and easy to use with sample code available.

Breeze links

Breeze Links

The easy way to integrate realtime voice and video into your business applications. With the addition of a simple hyperlink you can launch a Breeze video call, directly from your applications.