Mission Rabies will use StarLeaf video conferencing and calling to stay connected during its three-year campaign.

Sunnyvale, CA, 6 August, 2013; StarLeaf, cloud-based manufacturer of video calling and conferencing, is sponsoring Mission Rabies; a charitable endeavor that is launching its campaign in September 2013 to stamp out rabies in India, by vaccinating 50,000 dogs in just 30 days.

The start of a three-year program to eradicate the disease from ten key rabies hotspots, through ongoing dog inoculation and concurrent education programs, Mission Rabies aims to reduce human deaths from rabies, and leave a lasting legacy to fight the disease.

At least one child in India dies of rabies every hour according to World Health Organization statistics, many of whom are under 7 years of age. Countless local authorities try to indiscriminately and inhumanely kill large numbers of dogs, to try to curb the spread of disease. It is a failing tactic. Mission Rabies believes that mass vaccination will stop the spread of the disease and consequently save the lives of humans and dogs.

The Mission Rabies veterinary team will initially use StarLeaf to video conference with local veterinary teams; provide real-time training and progress updates, as they travel across the subcontinent. Following the expedition, StarLeaf video will be the mainstay for providing continual education and learning, keeping the core team visually present and connected to their local counterparts, long after they return to their home countries.

"We are hugely grateful to StarLeaf. Our plan is to give every team member a StarLeaf Breeze video software client, so that we can all maintain contact with each other, share experiences, and monitor progress. It also provides us with a unique platform for remote, yet live, training," said Luke Gamble, the man behind the mission, a celebrity TV vet and the founder of the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS), a charity that aims to alleviate suffering and promote the welfare and moral perception of animals around the world. "The ease-of-use, reliability and video quality that StarLeaf provides ensures that we have a fantastic forum for communication that will prove essential for our ongoing success."

In September a team of veterinary volunteers, led by Luke Gamble, will arrive in India and take possession of one of the world's most high-tech, all-terrain mobile veterinary hospitals. From this one vehicle, the team will vaccinate 50,000 dogs in just 30 days, in 10 of India's rabies hotspots. They will also provide on the spot surgical training for local veterinary surgeons. The truck will remain traveling across India, where it will become a center for learning and expertise. Through the use of StarLeaf video conferencing and calling, the UK team will be on-hand to offer continual training and support, teaching vets the skills required to run neutering and vaccine campaigns.

"It is overwhelming to think that so many people die from a disease that can be prevented," said Mark Loney, CEO StarLeaf. "We are very proud to be a sponsor of Mission Rabies, and we are grateful that our video calling and conferencing can play a part in helping the team to eradicate the disease."

For as little as $8, £5, €6, twenty dogs can be vaccinated. To get involved and help save lives, make a donation at http://www.missionrabies.com


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