Make the lighting work for you and eliminate unsightly shadows from your face

  • Never have the light source behind you - this puts you in shadow and may even blot out your entire face
  • Direct overhead lighting will create unflattering facial shadows
  • In a meeting room check out that the natural light is not causing shadows or a white wash. Draw the blinds
  • In a small room or from a desktop use a lamp and a soft light bulb focused upon your face

Always use a good HD camera and avoid free video services!

  • If you're calling from your desk or laptop invest in a good quality HD webcam this will ensure you appear at your best
  • Free video services are unreliable and offer inconsistent quality. One minute you'll look amazing and the next you'll be all alien and pixelated
  • The more bandwidth the better, so check that you've got a least 700kbps upload speed which will deliver a great image

If you're using a conference suite

  • Check the camera angle and focus it upon the people in the room
  • Keep the meeting table clutter free

What's behind you?

  • Remove all clutter. It will draw all the attention away from you!
  • Look super sharp and sit in front of a blue wall, you'll pop on the screen

What to wear

  • Think news anchor and never wear bold stripes, crazy checks or jazzy jumpers - these are an utter distraction
  • Men: try soft toned shirts such as light blues, creams, or for the bold amongst you, pinks and lilacs
  • Unless you really have too, try not to wear a dark jacket as it will emphasize the late nights you've been having
  • Never wear a crumpled linen jacket - you'll just look scruffy unless you are French!

Women always:

  • Check your make-up, brush your hair and put a little lip gloss on
  • Wear soft tones and try to steer clear of dazzling white, which will draw all the color from your face, and dark blues and blacks, which will cast shadows on your face and make you look tired

If you've got self view, use it.

  • Always check what you look like before the call
  • Make sure the camera is focused on you
  • Avoid up-the-nostril and unflattering angles

In summary, to look good it comes down to lighting, grooming and the quality of the equipment and service being used. StarLeaf offers a complete range of cloud video conferencing and calling systems for meeting rooms, desktops, laptops and iPads.

Next time you need to meet someone on video, or run a team meeting, why not try StarLeaf for free and see how great you look on your next video call!