StarLeaf Favorites Icon

In our last Feature Focus blog, we looked at StarLeaf Call+ and how it brings all of the functionality of telephony to video conferencing and calling. This week, we look at the Favorites feature. Remember how you used to be able to call your most-dialed numbers at the push of a button? Then touchscreen mobiles and cell phones came along and it became a series of screen unlocks, swipes and presses before you could even get to your contacts. Frustratingly, form stopped following function. Sure, you could still use those buttons sitting alongside faded paper squares on your desk phone, but neither option applied the touchscreen technology we now expect in a way that was intuitive and easy-to-use. This is exactly what we have done for video conferencing and calling with our Favorites feature. You can control who appears on your touchscreen as a Favorite, up to 13 of them! If your Favorites are within your organization or network, all of these speed dial buttons also display your Favorites' availability. So you can tell at a glance who is free to take your call, who is engaged, on call forward or just 'do not disturb'. Then, with just one press, you can dial straight through, even if your contact is at another company or on another manufacturer's system. Your Favorites from outside your organization can also appear as direct dials, just without the availability information. Add or remove Favorites via the 'contacts' button on your touchscreen, select 'favorites' and then 'edit' and you can add or remove whomever you like. Favorites is also available on Breeze and you use it in exactly the same way: with just one click or press depending on your device. So, if you have someone you would like to add to your Favorites who does not have their own hardware, send them an invite to use Breeze! See how our cloud video conferencing and calling can work for your business with our free trial or, if you're ready to switch your old, clunky and hard-to-use meeting room systems, make use of our Trade-in offer today.