QuickMeet As part of our series showcasing StarLeaf features, we take a closer look at QuickMeet. For video calling to really benefit a business, it has to be as intuitive and easy-to-use as the telephone. Scheduled video conferencing is one thing, but what if you just want to bring people in to your video call whilst it's in progress? QuickMeetTM is the answer. With the push of a button you can add up to 5 people to a video call instantly, no matter which hardware or software they are using. Seems a very simple idea doesn't it? So you might be surprised to hear that this feature is exclusive to StarLeaf and not currently offered by any other cloud video conferencing provider. Here's how it works. From a StarLeaf endpoint (either hardware or software) just press the 'create conference' button and select from your directory who you would like to bring on to your call. You can call anyone, anywhere on any system, PC or mobile device. What if the people you would like to speak to don't have their own video endpoints? Just send them out a guest invite to use StarLeaf Breeze and within minutes they can be connected too. Guest invitations are unlimited so you can use QuickMeetTM to not only connect and collaborate instantly with anyone in your business, but also anyone you choose at no extra cost. QuickMeetTM - just one of StarLeaf's features that make video calling and conferencing a breeze. See how our cloud video calling and conferencing can work for your business with our free trial or, if you're ready to switch your old, clunky and hard-to-use meeting room systems, make use of our Trade-in offer today.