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In the second of our series focusing on specific features, we put StarLeaf Call+ in the spotlight. It's a given that any business using a telephone system would require, as a basic feature, the ability to hold, forward and transfer calls. So far, so normal, but what about applying that functionality to video calls? That is exactly what StarLeaf Call+ does: unlike any other video conferencing solution, it allows a user to easily transfer a video call to someone else and, most importantly, it means you can place a current video call on hold, answer a new incoming call and then add the new caller to your original video conversation. Of course, immediacy and collaboration are great, but we all have days when we can't take calls at our desk or have deadlines we need to meet which means working without distractions. This is where 'forward calls' and 'do not disturb' come in. From your StarLeaf endpoint's touchscreen, simply slide 'forward calls' to bring up the option to forward to voicemail, your mobile or any other number. If you do not want to accept calls at all, just touch 'do not disturb' and all your video calls will go straight to voicemail. A quick glance at your touchscreen will tell you your current availability status and anyone who has you listed as a favorite will see your status on their endpoint too. Touching 'recent calls' will show you your call history, including any calls you may have missed. As with all of StarLeaf's features, the Call+ suite of functions is also available to Breeze users. And if you would like to connect with someone who does not have their own video hardware, you can send them out a guest invite to use StarLeaf Breeze at no extra cost. StarLeaf Call+ - another great feature that makes video calling and conferencing easier than ever. See how our cloud video calling and conferencing can work for your business with our free trial or, if you're ready to switch your old, clunky and hard-to-use meeting room systems, make use of our Trade-in offer today.