The term ''business communication'' may not elicit notions of cool or sexy. After decades of ugly PBX phone systems and cluttered email boxes, it would be almost irrational to expect otherwise. However, times are changing.

We recently shared our thoughts here about what makes certain brands desirable and others, well, not so much. Besides just differentiation, what really makes someone want to wake up in the morning and wait in line for 10 hours just to get a new smartphone? The bottom line is that desirability is fueled when products or services meet our discerning demands while having a certain societal factor of being cool. People want to use Apple products to show they are creative, innovative and part of a certain breed of tech savvy consumers. Much like how children want to drink Gatorade to be a little bit more like their favorite athletes. The difference between products like Apple or consumer brands like Gatorade is that business technology isn't cool. Rather it is practical, a necessity and it is something that most users have a hard time setting apart because it is seen more as function than form. Which begs the question can business technology, or more specifically, communication, be desirable? Let's look at several reasons why it can. We Love Video: Sure, old school PBX systems with clunky chords and confusing commands may be out, but ad hoc video is awesome. As consumers we use Skype, Google Hangouts and Facetime every day. All of which are ad hoc, on-demand video services that offer face-to-face communication. Then, many of us go to our offices and get on voice bridges and email and use that to talk business. In a world where our business conversations often lead to five, six or seven-figure decisions, you would think we would want the visual part of communication every day? And although those free services lack dependability and privacy, our enthusiasm in using them shows just how much we love video. Instant Message and Presence: If our use of text and love for Apple's 3 little dots in their iMessage application have anything to say, we all desire instant communication in a big way. Business communication is full of instant paths of communication including the beloved acknowledgement that someone is responding to us. Mobile is Hot: The ability to have immersive meetings from anywhere isn't something that business leaders just like; it is something that they desire for better business. While many people still do travel to the office, we all have difficult commutes or events that drag us out of the office from time to time. Business communication has evolved with cloud and collaboration to the point where we can be part of the full meeting experience from the back of a cab or a coffee shop, leaving us to be more productive and connected. BYOD Is For You and Me: In the past decade the paradigm for technology adoption has switched. It used to be that businesses would get the cool tech first and then consumers (think plasma TVs or smartphones). Now consumers are the first adopters of what is cool and we have become passionate about our mobile devices. Not our company-supplied ones, but our own tablets and smart devices. With applications allowing us to connect and collaborate from not just anywhere, but any device, BYOD has made business communication more desirable than ever before. So maybe business communication and office technology aren't the coolest cats on the block. But new technology has opened the door to new ways of thinking. In a world where our professional and personal lives intersect more than we care to admit, it is the way we connect to our colleagues, customers and companions that makes us more effective, efficient and at times more satisfied with leading an always on, always connected lifestyle. Cloud, Mobile and your favorite device are part of the future of business and personal communication. How connected is your enterprise?