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If you're a StarLeaf user, you'll already know about our range of video conferencing room systems that match room size, budget and desired functionality. You may also be aware of our great range of hardware systems for desktops! However, you may not have heard about StarLeaf Breeze, our free-to-use mobile solution, which allows you to enjoy all the features of your StarLeaf hardware endpoint on your PC, laptop and tablet.

StarLeaf Breeze gives you all the power of mobile video, allowing you to stay connected no matter where in the world you are. And, just like our video endpoints, it's easy to install, easy to use and scalable across your entire organization.

Breeze has the same user interface as the StarLeaf touchscreen controller, and so works in exactly the same way, delivering the same rich functionality. It provides you with access to the company directory, as well as your own personal contacts and gives you all you need to make and receive video calls. In addition, you can use Breeze software to set up and join scheduled conferences, as well as hold your own instant multiparty meeting. With such great functionality and seamless connectivity, you can stay in constant contact, even from a WiFi hotspot.

The software is available at no extra cost, and can be distributed to everyone in an organization where there is a StarLeaf hardware video endpoint or conferencing package in place. And, with our Guest Invite feature, you can even extend Breeze to friends, family and anyone outside your organization for free too! Because Breeze is completely interoperable, you can call or be called by anyone, regardless of what endpoints or software they might already have in place.

Breeze is available for Mac, iOS and Windows so you can keep connected on multiple devices. To get your version, speak to your organization's administrator. If you're not a StarLeaf customer, you can try Breeze for 30 days with our Free Trial.