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In this edition of our Feature Focus blog series, we put the spotlight on one of our most fundamental and differentiating features: exceptional quality HD voice and video.

It may sound strange to talk about high quality voice and video as a feature, to us, it really should be a given. Realistically, most video conferencing and calling services are not great on quality. With lesser systems you run the risk of pixelation and freeze, dropped connections, and dire audio that ranges from ridiculously robotic to terrifyingly tinny - not to mention delays and latency. Add to that a hefty dose of background noise and you are left with video call quality that is barely passable, let alone professional.

To make sure none of this happens to you, we use advanced techniques that manage your connection so that you receive the very best available quality at all times.

Make no mistake; we are committed to delivering you crystal clear video and audio - that's a promise. So whether you are calling from a StarLeaf endpoint or using our Breeze software, you can enjoy both HD video and ultra wideband audio. In fact, our voice and video quality is so exceptional that we believe it is the next best thing to being there.

There's no need to take our word for it. Sign up for our Free Trial today and see for yourself with 30 days of Breeze HD video calling. Or, if you are ready to switch out your old lower-quality video hardware, now is the perfect time to take up our Trade-in offer.