StarLeaf Security

You may have seen a slew of articles recently about websites hosting stills from compromised webcams. Webcams and home security cameras are not the only unsecured things on the Internet. Unsecured video conferencing equipment can also leave you and your business at risk from toll fraud, nuisance spam calls and unauthorized log-ins to your system.

Here we look at what to do if you are worried about the security of your video conferencing.  

Why are many video conferencing systems unsecure?

Traditionally, when installing video conferencing and calling endpoints, they were placed outside the firewall. This was simply because making video conferencing work through a firewall was a very complex process. Ironically, because the firewalls were stopping the video conferencing endpoints working, they forced new endpoint installations to sit outside the firewall, leaving them accessible on the open Internet.

What are the dangers of unsecure video conferencing to my business?

For security reasons, we will not post links to them, but there are websites that list many 10s of thousands of video conferencing systems that are available on the open Internet. Many of these have no password, or retain their default passwords and many are also on auto-answer. Companies that have such unsecure devices in their meeting rooms are inviting hackers to view and listen to anything that goes on in that meeting room. And remember - often these devices are in the most important rooms in the company - the Board Room.

How can I protect my business against such hacks?

Ideally, you will move your endpoint behind your firewall. To make this as easy as possible, you should consider a video conferencing service provider whose service will enable this for you.

At StarLeaf, this is a standard area of our service - so you can rest assured you are not at risk from being hacked. How is it so safe? Well, all StarLeaf video conferencing and calling endpoints use our exclusive firewall traversal solution, which means they are all installed within your firewall and not left unsecured on the open Internet.

Furthermore, StarLeaf can help you if you are using endpoints from Cisco, Polycom, Tandberg, Radvision or Sony - as we can support them registering from behind the firewall whilst still giving them the full functionality of the StarLeaf Cloud.

For safe and secure Cloud video conferencing and calling that is simple to install and operate, switch to StarLeaf.