The latest release of the StarLeaf Cloud offers great new features including:



Microsoft Lync Integration for Conferencing

Up until now, Microsoft Lync users have been virtually stranded on their own communications island, with no way to meet or connect to anyone using a standards-based video conferencing system. That really means that Lync users only get to go desktop-to-desktop and cannot join a broad video conference. Well we've stopped all that, and have made a great step forward in interoperability, now you can mix it up and invite anyone that uses Microsoft Lync, alongside anyone that uses any manufacturer's H.323 or SIP equipment, to join you for a scheduled conference on the StarLeaf Cloud.



Conference Layouts

For your scheduled conferences you can now choose a layout that best suits your meeting needs. You can either go for our default setting, which gives everyone in the conference equal screen space, or, you can choose the large speaker option. Upon selection this automatically places the current speaker into a large pane and, of course, is voice-activated, so whoever is speaking will appear in the large pane.


Out Of Hours Power Saving

From 7pm to 7am local time, your StarLeaf touchscreen enters a power-saving mode, and will automatically dim the backlight while displaying the time on a screensaver. To exit the timesaver mode, simply press anywhere on the touchscreen. For full information on our latest release, click here