Auto upgrade

'Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.' Arthur C. Clarke, 1973.

Forty years later and this still rings true, more so now than ever before.

Technology should fit seamlessly into our lives, blending in to our everyday and fulfilling the basic function that is at the core of every single piece of technology: improving a process.

The best technology fulfils this function without us even noticing; you get to enjoy the magic without seeing the strings.

For StarLeaf, user experience is everything. We want our video conferencing technology to improve the collaboration process without putting obstacles in our users' way.

This is why, unlike most video conferencing and calling providers, we roll out automatic software upgrades to all our video conferencing endpoints, which means no service interruptions or nagging notifications for our users. StarLeaf auto upgrades ensure that our users always enjoy the very latest features, advances, and enhancements, without having to worry about implementing upgrades themselves.

All upgrades to the StarLeaf Cloud, portal and video conferencing endpoints take place outside of the normal office hours for your region and endpoints automatically restart and reconnect to the StarLeaf Cloud after the upgrade. So, whenever you use your StarLeaf video endpoint or log in to StarLeaf Breeze, you can be sure you are using the very latest version, as will anyone else connected to the StarLeaf Cloud.

Before an upgrade, your administrator receives an email about the planned update including information on the updates and enhancements to the StarLeaf Cloud or service. Full release notes are always available on our support site. Auto upgrades are just one of the many ways StarLeaf delivers video conferencing and calling that just works. Find out more about our feature-rich video conferencing and calling here.