Today's employee is more connected than ever before and professional mobility has increased with mobile devices. It's common to find many businesses encouraging, if not stipulating off-site work among their staff and some corporations actually run 100% remotely.

Virtual employees no longer need work from 9-to-5 or physically be in the office to be able to collaborate as a team. The cloud has enabled collaboration that could not have existed in the past, and cloud video collaboration and the personal connectedness it provides is a huge part of what's allowing the above business trends to continue to evolve and grow.

Here are some benefits and advantages of video collaboration you should consider exploring, if you haven't already:


Small and medium sized companies that do not have large IT budgets can now access video conferencing in the cloud, in a safe, easy, and affordable way. Off-site employees are now able to use video collaboration—as it becomes an increasingly integrated part of business life—from anywhere at any time, even on mobile. In fact, many of today's video teleconferencing solutions are available as mobile apps capable of running on devices such as smartphones and tablets.


Cloud conferencing does not mean that you sacrifice the quality and human touch of a face-to-face meeting. You're still going to be getting the real time video sharing, the seamless collaboration of traditional video conferencing (minus the costs), and HD quality audio and video. One great feature of cloud conferencing is the ability to organize and schedule your conferences in one place with sleek, user friendly invitations.

The Power of Face-to-Face

Face-to-face contact gives businesses an advantage that traditional email, web, and phone interactions cannot provide. This is critical when growing and handling your business. But it's not always possible to be physically in front of the customer or employee needed to get the job done, or to set up a meeting to help satisfy a client's questions and assess their needs.

Imagine this B2B scenario: An executive is out of state and meets a possible new manufacturer for a product your company is launching next year. In keeping with the BYOD trend (Bring Your Own Device), he whips out his tablet and can speak with collaborators on the spot, in the process negotiating a better price point. Even just a few years ago, this type of "hybrid meeting" couldn't have occurred (or, it might have happened over the less personal telephone). But with video, you are able to meet and greet on the spot, and potentially sign that deal, saving your company millions.


When using cloud-based video service you can scale the services that you need to the size of your business, and scale as you grow (or perhaps even downsize). You can also focus on the features that your company is most likely to use, saving on the cost of buying intricate hardware systems that might not be fully utilized.

Aside from lowering costs, this customization helps grow your business relationships as you have the right systems in place to deal with any issues. It also helps you to grow your teams, as they will only be working with, and spending time learning, systems they may never use.


Information Sharing

Show me the raw data. Show me the numbers. Show me you are a real person capable of taking care of my needs. "Show me" is the key term here. With the face-to-face component added via video, your company can show your collaborators that your employees are current, ready to work, and there to build upon the information they are getting from more traditional media.

Collaboration requires partners that have the tools to work at any time and cloud video helps you achieve this. You can also, on some systems, share content and collaborate on documents during your video conference.


Cloud providers really have thought of everything. A fully secure connection will keep your conferences secure, with limited interruptions.

The smaller business obtains leverage when using video in the cloud because they can scale to their size and still show their up-to-date capabilities and top-notch customer service. Video-ready conference rooms no longer have to depend solely on their onsite IT support because cloud providers are familiar with the equipment and the software so can provide the assistance needed to allow your business' focus to remain on taking advantage of all of the benefits video conferencing has to offer.


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