The latest release of the StarLeaf OpenCloud delivers major new features and enhancements designed to take video conferencing and calling to a whole new level. As always, StarLeaf customers do not have to do anything in order to receive these service enhancements; they will be rolled out automatically, so you can rest assured that you are always on the latest version. New features in StarLeaf OpenCloud 4.0 include:

StarLeaf Click-to-Call browser dialing (WebRTC)

Browser dialing with StarLeaf Click-to-Call (Web Real-Time Communication), does exactly what it says on the tin. It allows anyone to join you on video straight from their browser, that's immediately, and without delay or the need for a download.

As a StarLeaf user it's even easier, and in fact faster and more convenient, for you to connect with colleagues and associates, who simply click on a link. The Click-to-Call link is a resident feature in all StarLeaf OpenCloud conferencing and guest invitations.

Now all recipients have a choice of joining you directly using the link, or, for those looking for a permanent video endpoint, they can opt to download Breeze, and of course, your invitations will continue to provide dialing instructions for any existing video equipment.

StarLeaf Click-to-Call can also be embedded into your website allowing you to engage with visitors over video; perfect for online chat, real time face-to-face customer engagement, or support desks. StarLeaf Click-to-Call is available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera browsers, or via a plug-in for Internet Explorer or Safari users.

Try it for yourself by clicking below:

Click here to call us on video!

New conference controls

StarLeaf QuickMeet™ our ad hoc conferencing capability, now delivers meeting owners and scheduled conference participants a number of new experience enhancing controls, which are present on StarLeaf touchscreens and the Breeze UI.

When in a conference, you'll now be able to mute individual participants. Participants will see 'you are muted' on their display and the rest of the conference participants will not hear them. The new controls will also allow participants to be removed from a conference individually.

In addition, we've introduced a conference control tab with new conference features such the ability to lock your conference to prevent further participants from joining. Plus, you now have the option to mute all participants or end the conference for everyone at the same time. There are also new controls on the conference layout tab, which you will find really useful as they allow you to optimize your on-screen view.

Customizable branding

You can now customize your StarLeaf touchscreen and Breeze UI with your own organization's branding. You can also add your logo to communications such as conference invites and guest invite emails, all via your StarLeaf Portal. This feature is available to all StarLeaf user organizations for an additional charge.

Go above and beyond with our OpenCloud API

Our Cloud API is designed to be integrated into your business applications so that you can securely schedule and manage StarLeaf conferences. Simple and easy to use with sample code available. Find out more about StarLeaf's APIs here. Full release notes for StarLeaf OpenCloud 4.0 can be found here.