We’ve upgraded customers to StarLeaf 9.0, the latest version of our powerful communications platform, engineered to deliver the next-generation video meeting experience.

We’ve made your StarLeaf meetings even more feature-rich from simple scheduling, whatever your workflow, to total in-meeting control.

Meeting scheduling

StarLeaf meetings work the way you do. And with StarLeaf 9.0, we bring you new ways of scheduling your meetings to suit your organization’s workflows.

Introducing StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams, the latest in our suite of integrations that allow for simple meeting scheduling and joining, no matter what you use. StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams allows you to create and join StarLeaf video meetings directly from any Microsoft Teams channel or conversation. When you have installed the integration, all you need to do is ask the StarLeaf bot to create a meeting by typing @StarLeaf create in the relevant Teams channel or conversation.

Meeting Scheduling Calendar

We’ve also launched a new feature which allows you to enforce the way in which your users schedule their StarLeaf meetings. For example, if your company’s chosen calendar is Office 365, you can now choose to set the StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook Office 365 as the only way your users can schedule StarLeaf meetings. The same goes for Google calendars. There are new versions of StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook Exchange Server and StarLeaf Scheduler for Outlook Office 365 available to support this and other new meeting features.

Meeting joining

We’ve added new features to StarLeaf app that make joining your StarLeaf meetings even easier:

    • In the meetings tab of StarLeaf app, you’ll now find all the details for your upcoming meetings. We’ve included all the information you need such as meeting ID, who will be joining and who organized the meeting, which rooms are booked, and any agenda items. All the information is in one place so you get a complete overview of what’s on and when.

meeting details2

  • When you join your StarLeaf video meetings, you’ll now see a pre-meeting audio and video check screen. This pre-meeting view gives you the chance to check your microphone, camera, and speaker settings and of course to preview how you will appear to the other participants. This feature not only means that your meeting experience is optimized in terms of audio and video, but is also a very useful tool to check your background view when you’re joining remotely from a public space such as a coffee shop.

pre meeting screen annotated sc update

  • From the pre-meeting screen, you can also now choose to join your StarLeaf meetings using your telephone for audio while still using your computer for video and content. This is especially useful if your laptop or device does not have high-quality in-built speakers or a suitable microphone or if you are on a limited quality network connection.
In-meeting experience

Introducing Spotlight, a new immersive video experience which delivers full control over meetings to keep your audience engaged with broadcast quality video, audio, and screen sharing. Perfect for larger meetings and presentations, Spotlight meetings give the meeting organizer complete control over who can be seen and heard. Spotlight is available for customers who have enterprise meeting subscriptions.

Also now available by request for customers with enterprise meeting subscriptions are 100-participant meetings. Contact StarLeaf support if you would like to enable this for your organization.

spotlight overview raisehand

We’ve also added a new feature that makes the StarLeaf meeting experience even more intuitive on StarLeaf GT Mini meeting room systems. Smart Layouts allow for a content-aware video experience where video and content or self-view panes do not overlap in a video meeting so you can be sure that everyone can see everything that they need to at all times.

Smart Layout

Integrated user provisioning

We now offer Microsoft Azure Active Directory integration from within the Azure app marketplace. This makes it even easier for customers with a StarLeaf enterprise meetings subscription to add, update, and deactivate StarLeaf users directly from Azure Active Directory.