Third Party Integrations

Outlook calendar integration

Microsoft Outlook Add-in

Use Microsoft Windows Outlook to schedule all of your StarLeaf video conferences.

  • Easy and familiar way to book all your video meetings – now enhanced with StarLeaf scheduling
  • Invite anyone to your video conference, including all of your external contacts
  • Reserve meeting rooms and know that your StarLeaf system will light up the Join Now button
  • See personal and room calendars when you are scheduling your video conference

Room calendar plugin

Room calendar integration

Allows integration of StarLeaf scheduled conferences with your room calendars.

  • Room calendars are automatically synchronized with any StarLeaf conferences planned for your meeting rooms
  • One place to book rooms and schedule conferences
  • Users benefit from the Join Now button

Amx, Crestron & Extron integration

AMX, Crestron and Extron modules for StarLeaf endpoints

Complete integration delivers a single meeting room control interface.

  • Protects current investments in third party controllers
  • Simple and rich user experience with features such as the Join Now button, allowing instant entry into a StarLeaf scheduled video conference
  • Contact StarLeaf Support for more information

Slack integration

Slack app

Instant messaging enhanced with instant video.

  • Fast and familiar, type /starleaf and your conversation goes from IM to a video call where everyone’s invited
  • Join on video from any device – mobile phone, PC, or meeting room system
  • Each Slack channel benefits from its own dedicated virtual collaboration space
  • All meetings are secure and private
  • Easy one-time set up for your entire Slack team

BlueJeans integration

BlueJeans integration

Makes joining a BlueJeans conference from your StarLeaf room systems as simple as pressing a button.

  • Know that your StarLeaf system will light up the Join Now button when joining a BlueJeans conference.
  • Saves time and avoids those long access codes necessary when dialing in from other systems
  • Enhances and maintains the BlueJeans experience
  • No set up required, simply invite your StarLeaf room to your BlueJeans meeting