Borgata Names Mario Maesano Vice President of Marketing

The world of casinos has become more competitive than ever before. Nowadays, there are new casinos popping up out of nowhere, and the veterans in the business want to maintain their high authority.

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This high competition means that key people must be included in the management of every casino, especially for big names in the industry like Borgata.

In recent news, we’ve seen Mario Maesano catching some headlines as Borgata names him Vice President of Marketing.

So, who is Mario Maesano and why is he important for the position of Borgata Casino? Is this a strategic move or it won’t make any changes to their marketing?

Who Is Mario Maesano?

If you are someone who is interested in the casino business, you’ve definitely heard about Mario Maesano. He is a true veteran in the casino business with over 30 years of experience. He is the man responsible for making big changes in the casino industry and introducing new innovative marketing practices, and there is a good chance that you’ve already seen his work even without knowing.

This means that we are talking about marketing gurus in the world of casino marketing, which is a branch that is usually more difficult due to advertising restrictions and high competition. We’ve seen Maesano organizing many flashy events from high roller promotions to big events that draw massive crowds to the casino.

No wonder why Borgata suddenly gets interested in his work and hires him to be the Vice President of Marketing. What does this mean for their marketing position and what can we expect from Mario in the future?

His Journey Through the Casino Industry

Before we dive into his future plans, let's find out why Mario Maesano is a crucial player for Borgata Casino. In order to see his plans for the future and what makes him so special, we have to see his previous work.

Maesano’s career began in the early '90s at Resorts International in Atlantic City. He didn’t waste any time climbing the ranks, moving on to key roles at Ameristar Casino and Pinnacle Entertainment. Over the years, he became known for his ability to not only meet but exceed revenue goals, open luxury resorts, and revitalize underperforming properties.

Maesano oversaw marketing campaigns for The Cordish Companies' Live! Casino & Hotel locations in his role as Senior Vice President of Marketing before joining Borgata. In his most recent position, he demonstrated his marketing skills at Graton Resort & Casino.

The Borgata Appointment

Is it a good move for Maesano to Borgata? Well, we are talking about Borgata, Atlantic City’s largest and most prestigious casino, and there is no better place for him than being on top of the casino world.

Borgata plans to bolster their leadership team and with Mario Maesano as their new Vice President of Marketing, they hope to dominate the casino scene even more.

He will most likely work on expanding Borgata’s brand awareness even more, just so they can continue their dominance in the highly competitive Atlantic City market. He will also have a lot of work organizing their promotions and bonuses for both physical and online casinos.

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What Will Maesano Bring to Borgata?

Well, Maesano will have a lot of work on his hands, and being in the highest-tier casino world requires a lot of work and a creative approach.

A Track Record of Success

Maesano's ability to improve underperforming properties is one of his strongest suits. For instance, he was instrumental in the marketing initiatives of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City during his time there. These initiatives included the introduction of fresh events and campaigns that greatly increased the casino's visibility and revenue.

The Impact on Borgata

With Maesano’s extensive experience and proven track record, Borgata is poised to not only maintain but potentially expand its market share. In an industry where innovation and customer engagement are key, having someone like Maesano at the helm of marketing could lead to new, exciting developments for the casino.


Mario Maesano’s appointment as Vice President of Marketing at Borgata is a strategic move that signals the casino’s intent to stay ahead in the competitive landscape of Atlantic City. With his extensive background and proven success in the industry, Maesano is well-positioned to lead Borgata to new heights.