Celebrating St. Patrick's Day With Virtual Games And Activities

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the biggest celebrations worldwide. Although an Irish festivity, it can be found being enjoyed the world over, with populations in continents as far as North America, Asia, and Oceania all participating.

Photo of green shamrock.
Photo by Yan Ming on Unsplash

It is possible to argue that only a few international holidays and religious festivities are bigger than this one. Taking place on March 17, it is an annual event that everybody looks forward to, as they rejoice in the fun and activities that can be enjoyed.

With it fast approaching, there are many who may already be looking to find ways in which they can have their own celebrations with friends and families. With the world being technologically driven, it is now possible to connect with people around the world and enjoy the occasion together virtually.

A Plethora of Virtual Games And Activities Are Possible to Enjoy

St. Patrick’s Day can be enjoyed in various ways, with it all being about how people make it. However, with technology being a great way to connect everyone together, there are numerous virtual options that are now possible to enjoy that can enhance the holiday even further.

Virtual Pub Quiz

Pub quizzes can be a great way to enjoy the festivities virtually with others, as they can be fun, educational, engaging, and competitive. It could be possible to host or attend a St. Patrick’s Day-themed quiz for the upcoming holiday to truly get the most out of the event and potentially enjoy something different to the norm.

There are numerous ways in which a quiz can be created, with online sites available or the ability to create your own questions through research. As long as the questions are geared to the holiday and Ireland, most will enjoy it. To add some excitement, you could even add stipulations or make people attend in Irish-themed clothing, making the screen a sea of green!

Play Irish Games

It is possible to play Irish-themed games virtually with others, too. You could look to go on the internet and log on to a site where it is possible to play titles together. Those who enjoy online slots as a form of entertainment could enhance their St. Patrick’s Day by playing Leprechaun-themed slots, as the industry has made plenty available. Other games can be found that are possible to play with others, which can be highly entertaining and potentially competitive.

Irish Cooking Class

With video conference calling software widely accessible and easy to use, it is possible to connect with others and create new activities that may have been difficult to enjoy in the past.

For instance, hosting virtual cooking classes may not have always been too easy to do. Now, you can cook along with others in your own kitchen with the same ingredients and following the same recipes. This St. Patrick’s Day, it could be possible to have a session cooking some traditional Irish dishes, thus potentially exploring and expanding cooking skills that can live long after the festivities of the day.

Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Treasure hunts and scavenger hunts have always been a popular activity. Although they are usually physical, they can be done virtually, too. You could create a St. Patrick’s Day-themed event by asking people to search their own homes for green items or those that can be closely related to Irish culture.

It is also possible to play videos and share pictures with items hidden within them and task those watching to try to find each of them. Once they have been witnessed, viewers can share what they found with the host, and a winner can be decided.

Traditional Irish Music Session

It could be possible to enjoy Irish-themed music to help with the celebrations of the day. Plenty of music is available online through streaming platforms or video-sharing sites that can be used and played in the background. They can enhance the festivities when staying at home or enjoying celebrations virtually, as they can help listeners feel a part of them.

St Patrick’s Day Can Be Just as Fun Virtually as It Can Physically

While many may feel that they have to go into town or the city to get the very best out of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, there is more than enough that can be done when celebrating virtually.

Numerous activities can be enjoyed online from the comfort of your own home, thus making it a holiday that may never be forgotten!