Choosing the Right Reloading Press: a Comprehensive Review

Reloading ammunition offers shooters greater control over their ammunition quality, customization options, and cost savings. Choosing the right reloading press is an important decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and accuracy of reloading operations.

Picture of a reloading press
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Today, we’ll take a closer look at reloading presses, explore their different types, features, and considerations to help you make an informed buying decision.

What Are Reloading Presses?

Reloading presses are mechanical devices designed to assemble or "reload" ammunition components, including casings, primers, powder, and bullets, into finished cartridges.

They come in various types and each one has unique features and advantages.

Single Stage Press

The single stage press is the most basic and straightforward type of reloading press. It performs one operation at a time, such as resizing, priming, or bullet seating, which means it’s ideal for precision reloading and load development. While slower than other types, single stage presses excel in producing consistent and accurate ammunition.

Turret Press

Turret presses feature a rotating turret or indexing system that allows multiple dies to be mounted simultaneously. This enables faster cartridge production compared to single stage presses while still offering precise control over each reloading step. Turret presses strike a balance between speed and precision, making them popular among intermediate reloaders.

Progressive Press

Progressive presses are the pinnacle of speed and efficiency in reloading. They feature multiple stations that perform various reloading tasks simultaneously with each pull of the handle. High-volume shooters and experienced reloaders who prioritize output quantity without sacrificing quality usually use progressive presses.

Key Factors to Consider

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a reloading press to make sure the model you pick suits your needs and preferences.

The 5 Best Reloading Press Brands in 2024

While there are numerous brands available in the market, here are five top brands known for their exceptional reloading presses:

RCBS (Rock Chucker Brand Reloading Equipment)

RCBS is synonymous with precision and durability in the reloading industry. Their Rock Chucker series of single stage presses, including the Rock Chucker Supreme, are highly regarded for their rugged construction and consistent performance. RCBS also offers a range of reloading accessories and equipment to complement their presses.

Lee Precision

Lee Precision is renowned for offering affordable reloading solutions without compromising on quality. Their Classic Turret Press and Challenger Breech Lock Single Stage Press are popular choices among reloaders for their versatility and ease of use. Lee Precision's commitment to innovation and value makes them a favorite among beginners and experienced reloaders alike.


Hornady is a leading manufacturer of ammunition, reloading components, and reloading equipment. Their Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press is celebrated for its advanced features, such as automatic indexing and quick-change bushings, which streamline the reloading process. Hornady's dedication to precision and innovation has earned them a loyal following in the reloading community.

Dillon Precision

Dillon Precision is synonymous with high-speed, high-volume reloading. Their XL750 and RL550C Progressive Reloading Presses are renowned for their robust construction, smooth operation, and unparalleled efficiency. Dillon presses are favored by competitive shooters and reloading enthusiasts who demand top-tier performance and reliability.

Redding Reloading Equipment

Redding Reloading Equipment is known for its precision-engineered reloading tools and accessories. Their Big Boss II Single Stage Press and T-7 Turret Press are esteemed for their craftsmanship and accuracy. Redding's attention to detail and commitment to quality craftsmanship have earned them a reputation for excellence in the reloading industry.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a reloading press, make sure to consider factors such as reloading volume, versatility, durability, ease of use, and budget, to find a model that meets your needs and preferences and serves you reliably for years to come.