How Mapping Software Can Transform Sales By Providing Real-Time Geographic Insights

Mapping software saves time, identifies new sales opportunities, tracks sales performance, improves decision-making in real time.

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Photo by Andrew Stutesman on Unsplash

The global heat maps software market is projected to grow at a rate of 10.8% a year by 2030. Companies that use mapping software see tangible effects on their sales. It is a powerful solution that transforms location, real-time, customer, and historical data into interactive maps.

Mapping software systems use spreadsheet data from CRM, Excel, or ERP systems. The detailed visualizations they create enable sales reps and managers to unlock valuable insights that would otherwise remain concealed in lines of tabular data.

They allow users to identify new sales opportunities, track sales performance, and improve decision-making in real time.

Save Time With Segmentation

A sales manager would have to spend a long time making sales maps without territory mapping software. The best solutions make it easier to categorize locations or areas by high sales volume, high or low sales potential, and high-quality leads. These criteria make mapping territories quick and easy. The reps in each location are provided with a simple-to-use interface.

Create Balanced Territories

Sales territory mapping software saves a lot of time and effort. It is an alternative to poring over spreadsheets and manually entering addresses into a Google map. The first step is connecting sales and customer data with the mapping software. A field sales territory map is generated automatically. It illustrates each customer, prospect, sales route, assignment, and territory boundaries for specific sales reps.

There are advanced analysis and styling options depending on your specific solution. These include customer segment prioritization, heat maps, and demographic data overlays. They allow users to improve the quality of insight and optimize the company’s sales strategy in real time.

Territory Management

Territory management and mapping software go hand-in-hand, boosting sales effectiveness and productivity. A territory mapping solution allows users to monitor and assess how sales reps are performing in different territories and to identify new opportunities. Mapping software for sales reps allows teams and individuals to optimize workload and resource distribution by refining boundaries and territory assignments.

Companies that use sales mapping software to manage territories should make sure that each sales representative has sufficient opportunities but is not overloaded. What’s more, prioritizing high-value customers and areas lets teams maintain crucial client relationships while meeting their sales targets and maximizing profitable selling time.

Territorial Balance And Alignment

Mapping software’s benefits go beyond overall sales management. It is a reliable solution for continuous territory planning. It allows companies to factor in data such as rep workload, leads, sales potential, customer volume, travel time, opportunities, and the size of an area. Based on that, they can create strategically balanced territories while considering sales rep quotas and targeting high-priority customers. Mapping enables them to make faster decisions on territorial balance and design.

Utilizing Sales Potential

Sales potential is the market potential or size of the addressable market. You might have a 10% wallet share in a sales territory, but its potential value is assessed at 20%.

As of 2024, almost 50% of salespeople say the most challenging part of the sales process is prospecting. Closing (36%) and qualifying (22%) come in second and third. Mapping tools use data-driven area assignments to improve close rates. Sales managers deploy their reps strategically. They can use mapping tools to position people in areas where their impact is most felt, thanks to integrated key insights like converted leads, sales performance, total revenue, geographical history, etc. It’s not all about finding the best geographical area for high performers. Sales managers also need to know where to place average performers so they can use their full potential.

Territory mapping software makes aligning, adjusting, and optimizing territorial boundaries easier, especially as a business grows and changes. Some software offers comparison and analysis tools to gauge potential territory assignments’ impact.