8 Viable Hobby Ideas That Can Be Turned Into Side Hustle

Hobbies are fun but they can take lots of time and also lots of money. If you would like to continue enjoying your hobby but with some extra cash to cover your spending on it, this post is for you. Check out viable hobby ideas that can also bring you some money; even if you are into neither of them, you can still grasp the idea and get some inspiration.

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Handmade Crafts

This idea may seem trivial but big companies that sell whatever were often started in garages or parents’ basements. So, don’t be shy of making candles or hand-made jewelry. People often get tired of standardized stuff, and something made by someone personally, customized, unique, and imperfect, can feel very refreshing. Choose to do what you really like though, don’t try to dive into crafts you hate just because everyone says it is “profitable”. You will quickly start hating it. So enjoy your crafts and don’t be afraid to show them to the world; if someone wants to buy them, it means they are already good enough.


It is hard to overestimate how people love photos. Moreover, all businesses (okay, not all, the majority of businesses!) i need photos. So, if you are decent at photography and you enjoy it, this is definitely a hobby that can be easily turned into a side hustle. Make sure you try different techniques and genres, look for models and new sceneries, and follow technological innovations to catch something interesting. With time, you will develop your unique vision and style.


Baking is extremely popular as a hobby nowadays. Many people love homemade food and baking so you will for sure find everything you need for that in the shops, and plenty of recipes and guides. As soon as you learn to bake yourself, you can enjoy your own skills, sell your products to others, or, what is even better, you can teach others to bake as a side hustle. Making content about baking, sharing recipes, or providing personal assistance can be a nice way to make some extra money.


If you enjoy gardening, be aware that your skills and knowledge can be valuable and required even if you live in a buddy city where most people do not have gardens. You can offer your advice and recommendations in person or online, or you can even work as an assistant tending to people’s plants in offices, restaurants, yoga studios, and so on. In a big and busy city with many small businesses, a talented gardener will for sure find opportunities to make some extra cash.

Language Tutoring

You may argue that learning languages today is not really necessary because everyone has Google Translate, all kinds of apps, and even artificial intelligence software, to manage translations and texts in different languages. However, ironically enough, most people still tend to communicate online or in person in their native or preferred languages and the more languages you know, or the better you know them, the more opportunities for communication, jobs, and chances are unlocked. So, learning a new language is always something that is valuable! If you are good at one, you can easily work as a tutor in your free time.

Content Creation

Now this is an endless field of opportunities! If you are into photography, you can use it for content creation. Music or voice overs? You got it. Writing copy? You can create blog posts. If you love making videos, you can do literally whatever, from funny social media videos to educational videos.

People just love online content about whatever. If there are more than 100 people interested in what you are interested in, you can share your love for content creation and even turn it into a side hustle. If you look at popular bloggers, they make content literally about anything, from the history of Africa to playing games at $10 deposit casinos or playing video games. Oh and by the way, streaming your video gaming sessions is one of the most enjoyable and effortless hobbies out there and it can become a very strong source of extra income.

Travel Planning

If you are an experienced traveler, even within the boundaries of your own country, province, or city, you can turn your knowledge and experience into a side hustle while still enjoying your hobby. Many people around you like to travel but almost no one is thrilled about the headache of finding tickets, accommodation, renting a car, finding dining options, and so on. If you can advise on these things, in person or online, or organize a tour, this can be your perfect option for combining your hobby with some extra earnings.

Event Planning

Events are fun for the guests but not so fun for the hosts. If you fancy planning events, choosing catering and flowers, and finding designers and musicians, probably you are one of those rare people who can do that with enjoyment. To most, it all sounds like a headache but other people are just naturally good at such things. You will definitely be valuable for organizing parties, corporate events, or even weddings and festivals.