Best Topics for Virtual Water Cooler Talks

The modern workplace has gone through changes in recent years. With the increasing amount of remote work, virtual meetings, online collaborations and digital team building activities have become the new normal. However, one tradition that remains consistent, even in remote setting, the informal chit-chat. If you don't have yet, setup a channel dedicated for virtual water coolers to discuss topics that are not work related. These spontaneous conversations give people a needed break from their monotone routines and help foster connections with colleagues.

Office workers are talking in the kitchen.
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However, finding topics for such talks can sometimes be challenging, especially in a virtual settings. In this article, we will explore some good subjects that can start free discussions among team members.

Sport Is Always a Good Topic

The excitement leading up to the Super Bowl each year is undeniable. As we approach the new year, conversations about Super Bowl odds 2024 are circulating among enthusiasts. Who do I think will take home the title this time? As a fan who has closely followed the season my money would be on Philadelphia Eagles. Obviously. They have truly impressed me with their performance this season. Their key players have been in form and their strategies have been spot on. Call it a hunch. I believe this might just be their year. Of course, American football is known for its surprises, which only adds to the excitement of making predictions and having discussions.

Sports have always been a choice for casual conversations. Talking about games debating different team's performances and predicting outcomes can bridge gaps between individuals and bring them closer together. American football in particular, offers talking points that capture attention from both die hard fans and occasional viewers alike. The camaraderie among players, strategic plays on the field and unexpected twists and turns throughout the game make it an excellent topic for discussion. But be careful, the discussions can get heated sometimes.

Movies And TV Shows

Shifting gears to movies and TV shows, they offer such a range of genres that there's something for everyone to discuss. Discussing favourite movies, and cult classics can help you team to connect on a different level. I still remember the fun working with my team when everybody said goodbye like the Terminator - I'll be back. It was the best team.

Sharing our shows or diving into the plot twists of popular series can lead to hours of captivating conversation. It also presents an opportunity for teammates from cultures to introduce each other to shows from their respective homelands.


For book lovers, there is nothing beats sharing recommendations for our latest favorite reads. Whether it's fiction or nonfiction delving into topics, like self improvement, historical events or even cookbooks can spark exchanges. Who knows? You might even end up forming a book club within your team!

Hobbies And Interests

Almost everyone has a hobby or interest that they hold dear. Whether its gardening, painting, photography or even collecting stamps there's always something to learn from others.
Sharing your hobbies can inspire people to explore activities and also provide valuable insights for improving your own skills. And even provide opportunities to hang out together after work.

Technology And Gadgets

In our digitally driven world, it's only natural for relaxing water cooler conversations to revolve around tech trends and gadgets. These discussions create opportunities for colleagues to bond over shared experiences, like the excitement of a device launch or the collective curiosity about emerging technologies. Or even just to show off their latest purchase. Moreover these informal exchanges serve as learning sessions that help everyone stay updated with the advancing tech landscape. They also provide a space for debates and recommendations that contribute to an enriched work environment.

Video Games

Discussing video games has become increasingly common as gaming culture becomes more prevalent in society. These conversations allow coworkers to connect through shared experiences, adventures and challenges – fostering friendship beyond work related tasks.

Furthermore, exchanging tips delving into game narratives, and anticipating releases offer an engaging break, from routine while highlighting the captivating storytelling, artistry and strategic elements found in modern gaming.

Travel Stories

Lets talk about travel experiences, recommendation and dream destinations. Sharing stories about hidden gems in a city or giving tips to someone planning a trip can be both enjoyable and helpful.
Food and Recipes

Food is always an awesome topic! You can discuss your culinary adventures, recommend a new restaurant in town or share traditional dishes from our own cultures. It's a way to discover different cuisines and try out new recipes.

Remote workers are usually sitting all day, so everybody can be benefit from discussing new and popular diet, like the keto diet or only meat diets. Your shirts hanging in the wardrobe will thank you for this.


In remote work environments it's important to have water cooler conversations to maintain team cohesion and build connections. Sports discussions are always passionate especially when it comes to football or events like the Super Bowl.

Remember that teams have interests beyond sports. We can explore topics, like movies, books, hobbies, travel and food – there's an array of subjects to delve into. The key is to keep the conversation inclusive, engaging and respectful. Let's chat happily together!