Increasing Work Productivity: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Feeling burned out and as though you simply can’t work as efficiently as before? Seeing a decrease in productivity that’s making it hard to get through each day? If so, well, it's time you change your approach. This article will discuss how to get the most value out of your time by increasing work productivity.

Young woman working on laptop in co-working office
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Make Your Work Enjoyable

Lack of motivation to work is plaguing employees across the world. While there are several factors responsible for this, the primary reason is simply that the workers are not enjoying their work. Fortunately, you can begin by transforming your workspace with the help of science!

It has already been established by several studies that the work environment plays a huge role in employee performance. But there’s very little workers can do to change this when they are not working from home. Reorganizing your office desk to something new can help you start. You should also look for other small changes that are in your control.

However, if you are working from home? Congratulations, you’ve got a whole lot more flexibility! Design your workplace with ergonomics in mind. Adjust the lighting of the space where you’ll do the most work and organize your most used tools so you can reach them with minimum movement.

Take Occasional Breaks

Taking microbreaks regularly will not only help you reduce stress but also refresh your mind so that you are more focused on the next task. Avoid scrolling on social media during these breaks as it will only promote restlessness; instead, play mind-challenging puzzle games to improve your cognitive function.

And remember to get enough sleep to relax your mind and body. Most adults need 7 or more hours of sleep to feel fully rested. Most importantly, good quality sleep on the regular plays a crucial role in building long-term memories and also improves bodily functions.

Refresh Your Mind Through Gaming

Gaming is often overlooked in discussions of productivity. Several studies have demonstrated playing video games can boost work productivity and help with several cognitive functions. Video gamers outperform non-gamers in terms of attention, visuospatial, working memory, and mental flexibility performances.

Playing games triggers the release of hormones responsible for reducing stress, called endorphins, allowing you to recharge your brain effectively during breaks. A healthy multiplayer gaming session can also improve your social interaction skills.

Playing strategy games can improve your problem-solving skills and train your brain to work under pressure without getting overwhelmed. These are incredibly prized assets in any field of work.

Engage Your Brain With Video Poker & Card Games

Huge fan of card games? Just want to blow off steam playing online games? Either way, video poker games are a great way to engage your brain. Furthermore, you can play these during small breaks at work or while commuting, as they don't require you to download anything – it’s just a case of launching your web browser, opening the site, waiting for the game to load, and then playing!

There are also quite a few versions of video poker games out there, so if you love poker, you’re in luck! One of the most popular variants is jacks or better, which some people call Draw Poker. While these games are different from regular poker games like Texas Hold’Em, they cannot be played if you don’t have a basic understanding of regular poker.

To start playing video poker, you need to first sign up on a reputable online casino platform. After that, navigate to the appropriate gaming section and start playing. Here, you have two options: you can either choose to play with real money and win real payouts or play for free in practice mode, also known as free play.

The free-play option allows players to enjoy the said game without any pressure of real money involved. It's a great way to understand the game’s mechanics before betting real money.

Most casino games revolve around playing cards, but there are also various types of card games with distinct gameplay mechanics that are equally fun. If this sounds appealing, why not check out Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, Pokémon TCG, and Magic: The Gathering?

If you want an engaging hobby that will help you improve your creativity, check out the aforementioned collectable card games. Rewarding yourself with fun activities like this may prove useful in maintaining a proper work-life balance.


So, now we know how to improve work productivity! Having some fun, healthy, and challenging games in your repertoire will give you more opportunities you’ll get to enhance your cognitive flexibility. When you solve challenging puzzles and play games that require you to formulate strategies to win, you create new neural pathways that expand your thinking power.

This translates well to your real-world work tasks, allowing you to make more informed decisions. With a diverse set of skills, hobbies, and proper discipline, you’ll increase your work productivity in no time. Just remember to play games moderately and find a perfect balance that best fits your schedule.