25+ Virtual Dating Ideas for Unforgettable Moments

Are you fed up with virtual dates that all seem the same? Want to find ways to get closer to your partner or prospective love beyond standard online chat?

We have got 25 suggestions for fun and unique virtual dating experiences. How about a cooking class or an evening of playing games together online?

Take a look at our list - there’s something here for everyone. So grab your computer and start having some special time with someone you care about – it doesn’t matter how far apart you are.

Don’t miss out on these wonderful experiences – take a look at our fun virtual date ideas now and get planning!


Long-Distance Relationship Ideas

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Are you currently in a long-distance relationship and seeking inventive ways to establish a connection with your partner?

Regardless of whether you want to create paintings together during an online class or enjoy a movie night on a video call, there are numerous virtual date night ideas available that can assist you in strengthening your bond despite the geographical separation.

Virtual Movie Night

Partake in a virtual movie night with your better half – get some popcorn, snuggle under your favorite blanket, and log on together for a remote shared experience. It's one of the best long-distance date ideas!

Both of you can watch the same film at the same time; use video chat tools to see each other’s reactions and comments throughout. Don’t forget to get really cozy: even if you’re not physically together, you can still create a warm, intimate vibe.

Book Club for Two

If you both love to read, how about setting up an exclusive book club between yourselves? Choose a book that interests both parties (it doesn’t have to be newly released) and read it at your own pace.

Set regular catch-up points where you can discuss what’s happened so far – thoughts, opinions, favorite parts, etc.

Not only does this keep the connection alive during time apart, but it gives an opportunity for intellectual discussion, too – bonding over literature is never bad!

Virtual Tour

Take your exploration of new places to the next level with a virtual tour date. Many museums, landmarks, and tourist attractions offer online tours that let you experience their wonders from home.

Whether it's wandering around an art gallery or taking a stroll through some historic sites via Google Maps, have fun doing these together while video chatting at the same time. It's a great way to learn about different cultures and interests and make memories together.

Online Trivia Night

Test your knowledge and have a laugh with an online trivia night date! Look for websites or apps that offer multiplayer trivia games where you can go head-to-head or form teams to compete against others online.

Choose subjects that interest you, or mix up categories each time, so things stay lively. Winning is not everything; think of it as laughing, learning new things together, and having some friendly competition, too! This one is really a fun virtual date idea!

Culinary Virtual Dates

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Calling all food-loving couples in search of something a little different – if you are looking for a unique and interactive virtual experience, look no further than culinary virtual dates.

From cooking classes to virtual dinner parties, these best virtual date ideas will satisfy your taste buds and create unforgettable memories.

Virtual Wine Tasting

Engage yourself in the world of wine without leaving home via online wine tastings, which many wineries and breweries now offer.

Led by experts who will talk you through a selection of wines and their characteristics and food pairings, this is a chance to expand your knowledge while sipping something delicious.

Online Cooking Classes

Raise your kitchen game by taking an online cooking class with your partner. Choose a cuisine or dish that interests both of you (pizza-making perhaps?).

Then, find an expert to teach you how to master it together – all from the comfort of your own kitchen. Bonding over chopping boards and tasting spoons has never been so educational - no matter whether it's your first or fifth date.

Foodie Adventure

Explore new territories in gastronomy by setting off on food-themed adventures together – virtually. Opt for food from another country or pick an ingredient (cheese, say) around which to build a menu, then take turns cooking at home.

You’ll learn about spices, techniques, and flavors of your favorite food as you go on these virtual tours – plus discover recipes worth revisiting again when you meet.

Dessert Date Night

Satisfy your sweet tooth by having a dessert date night at home. Both of you can select a recipe for a dessert and then prepare it simultaneously in separate kitchens while on a video call.

Once you're both finished, show off what you've made and enjoy it together virtually, discussing the flavors that come to mind.

Virtual Coffee Breaks

Take moments out of your day to relax with virtual coffee breaks together. Besides, it's a perfect option for a first date or even a long-distance second date too!

Schedule specific times when both of you will make a cup of coffee or tea and then get onto video chat to talk about whatever comes up - just like during an in-person coffee date at a local café.

Online Mixology Class

Add some excitement by taking an online mixology class together, where professional bartenders teach you how to make tasty cocktails at home using common ingredients and methods.

Learn about different spirits, try out new flavors, and create drinks that are your favorites to enjoy during virtual happy hour. A great option for virtual date nights!

Surprise Dinner

Planning a virtual dinner date for your partner? Here’s an idea that will knock their socks off: secretly arrange with their favorite restaurant to deliver them a scrumptious meal. Great for a date with a long-distance partner or a double date.

Bide your time until the food is about to arrive, then set up a video call. Ask them to answer the door, and watch as they discover what’s waiting on the other side.

To make it feel even more like you’re eating together, keep your own meal warm (or order yourself something from the same place). Light some candles at both ends, set out matching place settings – et voilà! It’s almost as good as being there.

Game And Entertainment Nights

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Seeking out some vibrant and delightful means of interacting with your partner from afar? Well, then search no more: game and entertainment nights are your best bet!

These fun date ideas can involve anything from participating in online multiplayer games to getting competitive over virtual board games, or even arranging a sing-along by way of video chat. The options are practically endless!

Virtual Game Night

Ignite some friendly competition by hosting a virtual game night! Traditional board games like Scrabble or Monopoly, as well as popular online multiplayer games, are ideal options.

Why not challenge your beloved to a session of Mario Kart, or plunge into battle together in an online shooting game?

Packed with excitement and plenty of laughter – even when far away from each other – online game nights represent a fantastic way for couples to connect. So, play games and enjoy your date night!

Online Board Games

Tap into nostalgia and unleash your strategic side with online board games that are available remotely.

Thanks to the digital versions now available for many traditional board games, you can still play these interactive tabletop experiences together no matter where you both find yourselves geographically.

So whether it’s building cities in Settlers of Catan or deducing who committed the crime via Clue, rest assured these virtual board game sessions will keep you both entertained and engaged for hours on end. Besides, they’ll provide ample chances to put your collective strategizing skills to work.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Get your problem-solving skills tested with a virtual escape room! These interactive online experiences require you and your partner to collaborate as a team, working against the clock to solve puzzles, break codes, and free yourselves.

With themes including haunted houses or spy missions, virtual escape rooms deliver an immersive adventure that will get hearts racing – in addition to providing a memorable bonding experience for couples.

Puzzle Challenge

Collaborate on puzzle challenges over video chat. Solve crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, or brain-teasing riddles at the same time using screen-sharing tools or collaborative puzzle apps.

Work together to find solutions or race each other for extra excitement – this online date is mentally stimulating and also promotes teamwork and communication between partners.

Online Scavenger Hunt

Combine technology with an adventure by embarking on an online scavenger hunt! Use websites, social media platforms, or even Google Maps to create clues leading one another on a digital treasure hunt from afar.

Think up creative riddles or questions that take you both around the world virtually while learning fascinating facts and uncovering hidden gems together.

This date night activity is a fun way of exploring new places and picking up fresh knowledge – plus, it encourages teamwork, too, as you work together remotely towards shared goals.

Creative And Educational Activities

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Are you interested in activities that can be both educational and entertaining? If that’s the case, then we have the perfect thing for you – a collection of cerebral, improving date ideas.

Online Art Class

Tap into your creative sides and build a closer bond by taking an online art class. Sign up for a virtual painting or drawing workshop and learn new techniques together.

Follow an instructor’s lead, show each other your progress, and provide encouragement – it’s a great way to uncover hidden talents, express yourselves through art, and create beautiful pieces as a couple.

Language Exchange

Enhance your language skills while deepening your connection by doing a language exchange with your significant other. If you speak different languages (or want to pick up another one), take turns teaching each other and practicing together.

Set aside specific times to practice conversation, vocabulary exchanges, or cultural insights – not only will it help improve communication between you two, but it’ll open the door to experiencing new cultures and broadening horizons as partners.

Virtual Museum Date

Engage yourselves in captivating worlds of art, history, or science by going on virtual museum dates together. Pick museums or exhibitions that interest both of you – many institutions (like the National Women's History Museum) now offer virtual tours via their websites.

Take turns guiding each other around exhibits, discussing particular artworks and artifacts that catch your eye, and sharing interpretations and thoughts about what you’ve seen along the way.

Online Classes

Why not take an online course together? From cooking and photography to dancing or any other skill you’re both curious about, there’s usually a class for that. Find one that tickles your fancy and learn something new side by side.

DIY Craft Night

Get crafty with your loved one during a virtual DIY night. Choose a DIY project like homemade candles or personalized picture frames – the sky’s the limit here!

Gather all necessary materials beforehand, then follow tutorials on video chat while in each other’s company. Not only will you end up with some unique, meaningful creations, but artful exploration is also a great bonding to spend quality time together.

The Look-At-Me Date

The Look-At-Me Date is all about enhancing self-assurance, feeling fantastic about yourself, and accepting self-expression. Begin by setting up a time to video chat or connect via a virtual platform.

Get dressed up in your much-loved attire, experiment with make-up or hairstyles, and display off your extraordinary feel of fashion. Take turns sharing fashion guidelines, making an attempt at one-of-a-kind looks, or even placing clothes for each other collectively.

Whether you are attempting daring new trends or showcasing your private style favorites, this date is all about celebrating individuality and having enjoyment with fashion.

Social And Energetic Dates

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If you're seeking lively and sociable virtual dates to inject some zest into your romantic connections, we have plenty of suggestions.

Our ideas will help you bond with your partner or potential sweetheart while having fun – from online exercise classes to virtual dance lessons.

Gym Date

Keep fit and connected with a virtual gym date. Plan a time to workout together, whether it’s doing body weight exercises or following an online workout class.

You can motivate each other, swap fitness tips, and even compete in challenges to keep the energy high. It’s a great way to stay active while spurring one another towards your fitness goals.

Virtual Dance Party

Crank up the tunes and get ready to groove with a virtual dance party date. Create a playlist with both of your favorite songs, set up a video call function on your mobile phones or laptops - then let rip!

Show off your moves and learn new ones together by following online dance tutorials or joining live virtual dance classes – this is as much about letting go as getting physical.

Fitness Challenge

Bring some friendly competition into your virtual dates with mini-fitness challenges. Choose a series of exercises or activities that you both like, such as plank holds or jumping jacks – then see who can do the most reps/hang in there for the longest!

Keep score and cheer each other on as you push yourselves further – these kinds of challenges add spice, motivation, and playfulness, which will bond you closer than ever.

Online Concert

Delight in a live music concert from the cozy confines of your home with an online concert date. Many musicians now stream live shows or upload past concerts on platforms like YouTube and social media.

Plan to watch simultaneously while you video chat, message each other through the show, or just sit quietly together while the songs play and sing along in real-time. Dance around if you feel moved!

Mindfulness Session

Relax together with calming mindfulness during a date night virtual meditation session. Virtual guided meditation sessions provide deep relaxation and an opportunity to connect on a spiritual level.

Share guided meditations via video chat, or pick from the many apps or websites offering them to find the perfect session for you both. This virtual date is not only relaxing but allows you to practice presence, gratitude, and centering together.


There is no need for virtual dating to be predictable or boring. You can make memories and deepen your relationships, even if the person you're dating is nearby or far away.

Whether it's doing a workout together on screen via video calls, watching movies at the same time from different places, or going to an online concert together – there's something here for all tastes and personalities for long-distance couples.

Whatever your situation – don't let geography stop you from connecting with someone special. Embrace technology, get imaginative, and see what unusual date experiences await you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can You Do for a Virtual Date?

The possibilities are endless for having a virtual date! You can watch movies together, take an online cooking class as a pair, play games or trivia, explore virtual tours, or even have your own virtual dance party.

How Do You Do a Virtual Long-distance Date?

A long-distance virtual date might be something you schedule, and both get on video call for interaction. Think about what you’d do on a normal date night: Watch movies together? Play games? Share a meal? Thanks to technology like video chat and the ability to sync up Netflix accounts for simultaneous streaming platforms—they’re all possible!

How Long Should a Virtual Date Be?

The duration of a virtual date relies on individual preferences and planned activities, meaning it can last anywhere from 30 minutes to multiple hours. Assess the comfort level and engagement between both parties to determine an appropriate length for your date.

How to Do a Virtual First Date?

To make sure a digital-first date goes well, choose an activity that encourages conversation and getting to know each other better. Suggestions include having a video chat over coffee or drinks, playing icebreaker games that spark discussion, or participating in an online experience you both enjoy while maintaining meaningful dialogue throughout.