StarLeaf Encore



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The smart, simple way
to capture all your meetings

Highlights for your business

  • Recording cloud service that needs no additional equipment or infrastructure
  • Flexible and easy way to record and share meetings with absent colleagues, customers, and partners
  • Maximizes training sessions, product demonstrations, corporate news, and much more
  • Serves corporate memory by capturing and saving all audio, video, and screen sharing in fabulous HD quality
  • Available to all meeting organizers
Encore recording
Encore recording is an enhancement to the StarLeaf Cloud conferencing service. Easy to initiate and available to all meeting organizers. Tight integration with StarLeaf hardware and software endpoints allows a recording to be activated from the StarLeaf Touch or Breeze client. In the same way recording can be interrupted and resumed during a meeting, in one button press.
Encore recording is available to all customers, including those who have Cisco, Polycom or Lifesize endpoints registered to the StarLeaf Cloud.
  • It is highly versatile and flexible, allowing users to record all scheduled meetings including presentations, one-to-one discussions, and multiparty meetings
  • Integrated with StarLeaf video endpoints, allows in-conference stop and start in one key press
  • Easy download of MP4 file of recording
  • Live record button appears on all participants’ screens
  • Captures all audio, video, and content

Only available as an extension to the StarLeaf Conferencing Service License

Encore recording packages from 25 hours

Online playback

Download and distribute as an MP4 file

Recordings can be saved to archive or online i.e. YouTube

Available to all meeting organizers via their StarLeaf account