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StarLeaf APIs allow users to enhance and enrich their existing business tools with the power of StarLeaf. You can provide easy ways for customers to get in touch with you, create links that start video meeting within a web browser or launch the StarLeaf app, control endpoints, or schedule and manage StarLeaf video meetings from within business applications.


Engage more easily with customers and partners by creating a link that starts a video meeting within a web browser, so anyone can join StarLeaf online meetings. Click-to-Call is supported natively by Chrome and Firefox, and by Safari and Internet Explorer with a plugin.

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Meeting Room System API

This API gives you full programmatic control of your StarLeaf meeting room systems and is simple and easy to use with sample code available. It offers secure access with centrally managed password protection and allows both control of the StarLeaf touchscreen and retrieval of information on the state of the system.

Endpoint Control API

meeting control

StarLeaf API

The StarLeaf API is a RESTful API that enables external clients to manage StarLeaf deployments and services. It can be used inside your business applications to securely schedule and manage StarLeaf meetings, and to gain control of all configurations including recording and layouts. It is simple and easy to use and sample code is available.

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StarLeaf App Links

The easy way to integrate real-time voice and video into your business applications. With the addition of a simple hyperlink you can launch a video call in the StarLeaf app, directly from an application or website.

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