James Colom, Technical Support Engineer, StarLeaf London

Ever wondered what it's like to work for a rapidly growing technology start-up? We'd like to introduce you to the people inside StarLeaf, from software engineers to support; each individual makes a truly valuable contribution to our continued success and evolution. James Colom is one of our Technical Support Engineers at our London office and has been with StarLeaf since June 2013.

After graduating from The University of Birmingham in Physics with Particle Physics and Cosmology, James took a role as a Management Consultant at a large aerospace company, but soon discovered it was not for him: 'It turned out the job was not really what I'd hoped for, I found myself with very little chance to develop, which was important for me as I was starting out on my career path. I didn't see much of a future there, neither in terms of what the company could offer me, nor what I could offer them.' Explains James. So, he did what anyone stuck in a joyless job dreams of: he took the plunge and left.  

After a little traveling and a lot of soul-searching, James applied for a role at StarLeaf, and we're very glad he did! 'From the start, I knew that StarLeaf was the place for me. There was no long-winded application process; I knew that my suitability was gauged by my enthusiasm and interest rather than how well I filled in an application form. I settled in very quickly and, thanks to a supportive and like-minded team, got to grips with the role within no time at all.

One of the things I like the most about working here is that every day is genuinely different. Some days, Support can be very busy, so it's my main focus and I enjoy the problem-solving aspect, which means it is never dull.

Other days, I might work in another area entirely; I like that my input and ideas are valued and I'm not confined to just my area of expertise, I've been involved in everything from product testing to technical writing and website builds. We are all encouraged to contribute and it's really satisfying to see projects I've been involved in come to fruition.

Everyone here clearly really enjoys what we're doing at StarLeaf; it shows in the relaxed yet very productive working environment. Everything each of us does genuinely improves the way people communicate and do business. Not many companies, let alone employees, can make that claim. My advice to any would-be employees? If you're looking for a job in a well-funded start-up, working with intelligent people in a creative environment, at the very forefront of Cloud technology, StarLeaf is by far the best place to be working right now. Sound like StarLeaf is the right place for you too?

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