StarLeaf owns and operates a global video communications network, the StarLeaf Cloud, with eight Points of Presence (PoP) across North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

The infrastructure on which this communications network is based was entirely developed by StarLeaf and provides a powerful, reliable platform for the provision of video conferencing as a service to businesses globally.

Key for business users is that StarLeaf does not rely upon or use any third-party legacy infrastructure, this unique position allows StarLeaf to rapidly respond to, and continually evolve its service, to meet the demands of organizations and their workers.

The underlying technology combined with many advanced techniques, provides users:

• The ability to call anyone, anywhere irrespective of the type of their device, whether it is
Microsoft Lync, Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize or any other standards-based endpoint
• Exceptional quality of service and call quality
• Security to ensure the privacy of all calls
• Reliable firewall traversal without the need to open up ports through the enterprise firewall, that weaken a network’s defenses
• Simple remote provisioning, monitoring and reporting
• A web portal for user and endpoint management
• Ability to register and manage not only StarLeaf endpoints but any standards-based endpoints already installed