Business applications delivered from the cloud should be compelling for all companies–no matter their size or geographic spread. The cloud offers on-demand services, 24x7 support, a pay-as-you-go/pay-as-you-use pricing model, and will effortlessly scale to meet spikes in demand. So while service availability, high-performance, and security are key considerations, the real benefit of the cloud is a financial one. Placing infrastructure, the system core, in the cloud at geographically dispersed Points of Presence (PoPs) provides access to its rich functionality over the Internet. For end users this means that there is little or no capital investment in on-premise infrastructure. Costs are reduced further with no management burden placed upon internal IT resources.

However, when considering business video for mainstream communication, security, performance and reliability must be assessed.

In this paper, we look at the common security flaws and the areas of risk that exist today. We explain how StarLeaf eliminates risks, to ensure an open and secure environment for all internal and external video calls. Also, we outline how the StarLeaf Cloud guards against service downtime to provide resilience and high availability on a 24x7 global basis.

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