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StarLeaf supports a wide range of industries, and almost any organization can benefit from the communication and collaboration tools that we offer. Find out more in the pages below about how particular sectors can work smarter and more efficiently, and increase profitability, using StarLeaf’s solutions.

Financial Services

For financial services businesses, high quality communication tools are crucial for success. Customers aren’t always willing or able to meet in person, but maintaining strong relationships and putting a human face on your business is vital. Investors expect regular updates and to feel involved, included, and consulted. Meanwhile staff must work together, often across multiple offices, as well as attending regular training and professional development sessions.

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Legal Industry

Law firms benefit hugely by being able to hold more meetings remotely, share and review documents with clients and counsel, and invite remote participants regardless of what video calling device they are using. StarLeaf also takes security extremely seriously, so law firms can be confident that they are protecting client confidentiality and meeting regulatory standards.

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With financial and staffing pressures an ever-present challenge, and greater distances to travel to patients, healthcare providers need a video calling solution that is reliable, secure, easy to use, totally scalable, and incurs minimal recurring fees. StarLeaf’s range of video solutions make remote consultation and diagnosis a possibility, facilitate remote training, and help with collaboration and decision-making. 

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With the changing landscape of education and the need to find new ways to reach more students, education establishments of all kinds use StarLeaf’s video conferencing solutions to extend the reach of educators and allow them to connect to remote students. StarLeaf’s intuitive video conferencing extends the reach of the classroom globally, making it possible for students from anywhere in the world, on any device, to connect without needing training or assistance.

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In manufacturing, business success can be directly driven by speeding up communication and reducing the errors that can arise when dealing with customers and suppliers at distance. Manufacturing companies benefit enormously from quick decision making and the ability to rapidly share plans and designs, discuss prototypes, and review progress, so StarLeaf’s crisp HD video and bi-directional screen sharing helps ensure clarity and understanding between all parties.

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