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Solutions for Healthcare

Make remote healthcare a reality

With financial and staffing pressures an ever-present challenge, and potentially longer distances to travel to patients, healthcare providers need a video calling solution that is reliable, secure, easy to use, totally scalable, and incurs minimal recurring fees. StarLeaf’s range of video solutions make remote consultation and diagnosis a realistic possibility, with high definition video and audio, and easy ways for anyone to join video calls regardless of what device and system they are on.

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Reliability, redundancy and privacy

StarLeaf provides reliability, redundancy and global coverage with points of presence (PoPs) all over the world, as well as offering patient privacy through firewall traversal. With confidentiality always key, StarLeaf also ensures that the organization maintains control of all data transferred over the messaging app, and that a user’s access can quickly be withdrawn when they leave.

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Cutting-edge training opportunities

StarLeaf also facilitates engaging training, with the opportunity to fit out auditoriums and training rooms with high definition, multi-camera video conferencing facilities so that students from all over the country or even from abroad can dial in and benefit from specialist training from subject matter experts, or even observe a unusual medical procedure remotely.

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Collaboration, communication and decision-making

For administrative and management staff, StarLeaf also assists with collaboration and rapid decision making, with easy-to-use video calling solutions for small and large meeting rooms, and an app that allows for reliable and secure instant messaging between individuals or groups.

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