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Solutions for Manufacturing

Quick, clear communications

Manufacturing companies benefit enormously from quick decision making and clear, precise communications. They need to be able to rapidly share plans and designs, discuss prototypes, and review progress, so StarLeaf’s crisp HD video and bi-directional screen sharing helps ensure clarity and understanding between all parties.

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Easier team collaboration for faster decisions

Quick ad hoc calls as well as individual and group messaging all make communication within an office and between different sites easier. Questions can be answered more quickly, a video call and screen sharing session can be entered with a click from a messaging session in order to rapidly discuss plans and designs, and regular scheduled progress meetings can be set up that anyone with an invite can dial into, from anywhere, using any device.

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Talk to anyone, anywhere

StarLeaf offers video meetings that anyone can join, from any device or video room system. This makes it easier to communicate clearly and professionally with customers, partners and remote workers. High definition video and screen sharing makes conversation and discussion as easy as if you were there in person, and the ability to record meetings means that you can easily capture a record of discussions and, if need be, send it to other members of the team.

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We use StarLeaf throughout our business supply chain and retail stores where it is helping us to
spot trends, match supply to demand and grow revenue. 

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