The year is 1946. The 'father of Venture Capitalism,' Georges Doriot, along with Ralph Flanders and Karl Compton, founded the American Research and Development Corporation, with an aim to encourage investments by private sector companies in start-ups by soldiers returning after World War II. Institutionalizing private equity investment started with this landmark move. Needless to say, it took a lot of brains and brawn to initiate the formalization of private equity, which was more of a wealthy-family game then.

Fast forward to present Dday. The 24th Annual Florida Venture Capital Conference, presented by Florida Venture Forum, saw the presence of 500 investors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, and advisers congregating to discuss what's hot and what's not in the VC and PE industry. The conclusion of that forum saw that new sources of money are coming up, the marketplace is ripe with new opportunities, and there is a staggering increase in venture capital investments for entrepreneurs of start-ups.

We've compared these two points in time to show the growth and development that venture capital and private equity firms have experienced through the years, and to demonstrate the potential benefits for start-ups. Is there a key ingredient that has bolstered their success? What has made venture capitalists able to predict good business in the times ahead? Perhaps technology and the support of video collaboration has played an integral role in driving business forward.

VCs more than ever need to be able to easily hire and integrate the best talent from anywhere in the world to take their business to the next level. They need to be able to be able to fully integrate employees into the company and do business face-to-face. No matter where they are, they need to create the feeling of real-time presence. Sure there will be hotbeds for talent, but as new ventures pop up, the borderless economy can be powered by face-to-face, ad hoc video.

Ad Hoc Video - Connect Anytime, Anywhere

Encouraging ad hoc video makes a video conference possible at any time it's required. With the advancements in video conferencing technology, supported by cloud platforms, and the age of IoE (Internet of Everything) at its growth stage, ad hoc video gives collaborators and integrators a lot less to worry about. Because VC integrators are coming up with amazing software innovations to deliver exactly what venture capital and private equity firms need to accelerate their growth, they can create lucrative and interesting opportunities for start-ups. Entrepreneurs can collaborate with VC and PE firms at any time and in a real-time situation, in order to share documents, and even collaboratively make decisions. Whether in a meeting room, sitting at a desk, or using a mobile device, an ad hoc conference can be started anywhere and with immediate effect, allowing businesses to work efficiently.

Video Collaboration Expediting ROI for Start-ups

The story doesn't end with entrepreneurs impressing the people with the money so that they can start their ventures; they also need to please them by showing returns. The need to expedite growth, and in double time, can be felt almost immediately, and this is where video collaboration can step in and benefit businesses once again. The start-up can benefit from video conferencing by fastening up the organizational activities and smoothing out the creases in communication. They will save time and the costs typically incurred through business travel that will add up to increased profits and enhanced productivity - definitely positive factors for investors. Video conferencing technology is available right now for entrepreneurs to put into beneficial use. The right kind of IT support within an organization, along with the knowledge, awareness and interest of the employees, will make adopting video conferencing technology simple. With an inclination towards enterprise mobility encouraged company-wide, the benefits can be converted into financial returns, which is fantastic news for start-ups. If you want to know how cloud video conferencing can benefit your business, check out